Benarasi Sarees exemplify the rich weaving tradition of India. This complex art of making such beautiful Banarasi Sarees was made popular by the local weavers of Banaras and even today Benarasi Sarees are most sought after for Indian Weddings and pre-wedding functions. The exquisite beauty and splendour of regal Banarasi Sarees remain unsurpassed even today.

Benarasi Sarees have always been primarily made of high quality rich silks since these are considered as Bridal Sarees and Wedding Sarees. With premium quality exquisite silks as the base fabric, Benarasi Silk Sarees show off ornate woven pattern with rich golden or silver zari. Nothing can be more perfect for weddings besides such gorgeous Banarasi Sarees. The high quality rich silks coupled with ornate zari weaving makes every Banarasi Saree breathtakingly beautiful and befitting a queen.

However, along with rich Banarasi Silk Sarees, we have a fabulous selection of Banarasi Sarees made of not-so-expensive silks at online. This beautiful assortment of Banarasi Sarees includes Sarees made of super lustrous Dhakai Silks, muted and elegant Jute silk or the amazing and very affordable art silk. Available in a variety of flattering shades featuring subtle woven motifs which makes it just right for women with high style quotient.

While Banarasi Sarees are mostly made of silk, we have a few beautiful ones made of georgette and faux chiffon that you can’t help falling in love with. At incredible prices, these are truly unique. What’s best about these Banarasi Sarees are that these drape perfectly. Being made of light georgettes and chiffons, these are much comfortable to wear even during sultry summers. Such Banarasi Sarees are perfect to wear to summer weddings. Check out these unique georgette and faux chiffon Banarasi Sarees available in bright and attractive colors.