For the longest time, I thought that there was only one way of draping a Saree. But oh! How wrong I was! Now that I’ve started to drape Sarees more often, I realize that there are so many ways of draping a Saree. I thought I might as well share this new-found knowledge with you. 

So, here are some conventional and unconventional styles of draping a Saree that you might want to try out!

Blue Matka Silk Saree

Let’s start off with a style that is well known and extremely popular. The Open Pallu style is considered an elegant style of draping a saree and is pretty simple to recreate too. The pleats are tucked in front as usual and the pallu is open over the shoulder and arm. It can also be broad and loosely pleated over the elbow to keep the arms free as shown above.

Tangail Cotton Saree

Here’s another simple yet stylish way of draping a Saree, the Loose Pallu style. If you aren’t a big fan of the tightly wrapped pallu, this style is for you! The pallu is broadly and neatly pleated and pinned to the shoulder but is left hanging near the hip. Keep in mind that it works best with slightly sturdy fabrics.

Tangail Cotton Sarees

This is a classic example of the Seedha Pallu style, also known as the Front Pallu style. In this style, the pleated pallu comes in front from over the right shoulder. It can either be left as a free-flowing pallu or fanned out and pinned to the other side of the blouse.Off White Tangail Cotton Sarees

This one’s a bit different from the usual pleating style. While the pallu is usually pleated along the width of the saree, this one is pleated along the length starting from one corner of the saree. This leaves the saree wrapped loosely near the waist.

Red Matka Silk Saree

You could just add the right accessory to kick the style up a notch. Adding a belt to the Saree creates a whole new trendy look. Drape the saree as you would like, loose or tight, and add a belt around the waist and over the Saree. You can either tuck in the pallu too into the belt or leave it out. You could go for an Indian kamarbandh or a western leather buckled belt.

Beige-n-Orange Tangail Cotton

Here’s a twist to the front pallu style, the Dupatta Style. In this, the pallu goes over both shoulder, from the front over to the back and again to the front. Its the style to go for if leaving pallu loose at the back bothers you.

White Tangail Cotton

Or you could just wrap it around. In this, the pallu is box pleated and wrapped around the torso and over the arm, and around the other arm. Instead of leaving the pallu loose, it is tucked it.

Pink Matka Silk Saree

Here’s the Kerala Namboothiri style. Here the pallu is wrapped completely around the torso, leaving the arms loose. Once wrapped, it is tucked into the blouse. However, it is not as popular in recent times.


A style becoming incredibly popular in the modern age is the Scarf style draping where the pallu is wrapped around the neck. It can either be wrapped only around the neck or can be crisscrossed over the torso. I actually think this would be rather comfortable. 

Now, ladies, tell me. Were you aware of all these styles and which ones out of these have you tried?