By Nayana

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage. From time immemorial there were various arts and artisans who were nurtured here.  Showing their artwork on the attires paved the way for the rich handloom industry in our country. This then went on to become their way of earning besides farming. One such traditionally prosperous handloom is from Bengal. Bengal weaves with the traditional silhouette of sarees are a mesmerizing combination one can see. Many top-notch designers are launching their collections loaded with these weave styles as a way of reviving this lost artwork. So here I bring you some of the famous weave styles of Bengal.

Tant Sarees

Beige Tangail Cotton Saree

During hot and humid weather we want something that is light and airy but still elegant to adorn. So here comes the beautiful Tant drapes which are also called Bengal cotton Sarees as they are considered Bengal’s iconic drapes. They were patronized during the Mughal Era and were quite famous among the royals.  They are characterized by defining borders with the plain body. They come in a huge variety like, with self weaved motifs, embroidery, prints, etc. They come in both cotton and silk varieties.

Jamdani Sarees

Cream Jamdani Cotton Saree

Jamdani weave style boasts the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. They are commonly known as Dhakai Jamdani or simple Dakkai, as it originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later under Mughal patronage, they were named as Jamdani, where “Jam” means flower and “Dani” means vase.  Weaving these Jamdani Sarees is the most skillful and laborious artwork. It takes somewhere around 9 months to 1-year to make the finest Jamdani saree. And hence they were considered as a status symbol to be adorned by rich and royal people.

Korial Sarees

White Tangail Cotton Saree

Bengali woman in any part of the world definitely has at least one Korial saree in her wardrobe that she flaunts with utmost grace. These sarees are generally in white color with red borders and striped pallu. The white color here denotes purity while red color denotes her fertility. The most common and authentic Korial Saree famous in Bengal in Garad-Korial Saree which is made in Silk fabric with golden ethnic motifs running parallelly to the red border.

Baluchari Sarees

Baluchari Saree

Baluchari Sarees evolved in Dhaka but were later shifted to present-day Murshidabad. The artisans who weaved this art style settled in Baluchar village, (now called Jiaganj) the artwork got its name from there. Baluchari Sarees are famous for their pictorial themes of tradition and social life. Generally, the body of the saree is plain with elaborately designed pallu with ethnic motifs depicting mythology and folk stories.

Matka Silk Sarees

Black Matka Silk Saree

Matka silk is rough handloom silk made from the waste of Mulberry silk. It is obtained from Karnataka and Kashmir states of India but its spinning is done here in Bengal. In spite of its rough texture, it is considered one of a kind and is favorite among tailors as its easy to sew.  Matka silk sarees are economical when compared to the popular pue Kanjivaram silk sarees.

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