Creation of the weave

The creation of the jacquard weave is credited to the French inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard, who invented the first-ever automatic loom to weave elaborate and intricate images into silk fabrics. With the use of special jacquard looms, the designs are directly woven into the fabric rather than printed on it. 

Silk jacquard sarees hold a prime place in the fashion world. Whether it is pure silk or silk blends they can look extremely luxurious once draped.  These sarees are textured due to their weave and display variegated or a slightly raised pattern.

Properties of Jacquard sarees

Jacquard sarees are slightly heavier and feature long floating threads on the reverse side of the fabric. Though the process may be time-consuming and labor-intensive, as an end result we can achieve complex and intricate patterns. Sarees with jacquard weaves flaunt a rich luster and are more stretchy. Due to their heavier texture, they are more durable as well. Jacquard patterns can be woven with utmost accuracy, that any imagined design could be reproduced.

Jacquard sarees

Designs on a Jacquard saree

The motifs and patterns that appear on a Jacquard saree can be in the same or different colour and texture from the base fabric. Multicolor threads can be employed to produce vivid designs. Some of the designs that are popularly seen on jacquard silks are floral, foliage, geometric, striped, paisley patterns and also portraits.

Geometric patterns

An intricately woven geometric design saree adorned with a dense pallu and border is a sign of sheer opulence. They can be carried at a family wedding or festivals like Eid and Diwali.

Geometric patterns


Desi designs are incomplete without those gorgeous paisley patterns embellishing the saree. Go for this subtle peach shaded saree beautified with jacquard paisley patterns all over to make an elegant appearance at any occasion.


Mughal inspired floral and foliate patterns are eternal beauties and can never go out of trend. Look ravishing draped in these classic sarees strewn with vibrant jacquard florals patterns.



A richly crafted jacquard silk saree with striped patterns on the body reflects an antique charm and can give an illusion of a slender frame. Opt for these luxurious striped sarees to look like royalty at any wedding ceremony.


Rich jacquard weaves on the saree and pallav gives it a luxurious appearance making these sarees much desired.

A finely crafted jacquard saree is very versatile and can be worn across any occasion like a family wedding, Eid, Diwali, and Religious ceremonies. Compliment this royal look with extravagant Kundan jewels from Cbazaar. Look like a million bucks draped in Cbazaar’s finest jacquard sarees. These heritage sarees lavishly adorned with intricate weaves can make women of any age look effortlessly gorgeous and graceful.

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