Our Bespoke Couture service is a customization service that allows customers to get their favorite styles completely designed from scratch by an experienced design team. Customers can also choose to get them customized to suit their tastes and preferences completely. This service is particularly useful for brides to be, who want their wedding silhouettes to be designed exactly to match a celebrity style, designer outfit or even a concept they have in mind.

Celebrity Styles

If you’re a bride to be and are looking to sport some scintillating celebrity inspired silhouettes that will make your wedding day even more memorable, then try out our Bespoke Couture service. Just by sending us a picture of your favorite celebrity-inspired bridal style, our experienced and highly skillful team of Ethno Stylists can make your dream a reality. You can also choose to get your favorite bridal silhouettes customized specially for you, as per your every request.

If you’re someone who likes to keep up-to-date with present-day trends and are on the lookout for a bridal style that is voguish and up-to-speed with current fads, then try our Bespoke Couture service, using which you can get the bridal style of your dreams. Get a bridal style completely designed and customized to the minutest of details, exactly as per your every instruction by our highly skilled team of Ethno Stylists.

Designer Styles

In case you’re on the lookout for runway/ designer silhouettes for your bridal outfits, but are finding it a bit too tough on the wallet, then the best option for you would be to try our Bespoke Couture service. All you have to do is just send a picture of your favorite designer style to our team of expert Ethno Stylists, who will then proceed to replicate the design exactly along with any customization requirements you may have.

Get in Touch With Us

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