Do you have a typical wardrobe full of clothes, yet can’t seem to find anything to wear? Well, the good news is that this is very common. Another common mistake women make is, investing in clothes that can be used as a party wear and build very little when it comes to their professional wardrobe.

Although functionality is the key when it comes to choosing your work wardrobe, it needn’t be boring. In fact with a little research, some mix and matching, getting dolled up to work becomes easier.

Whether you are just out of college joining a new company or an already established professional, here are a few staples to breeze through the day.


Although, quite a known fact, one cannot insist enough on this choice. It is very formal, elegant, and can make you feel really comfortable. Whether it is blazing hot or pouring down, this attire is for every season. If you are looking for a more formal style, you can get them in plain colors such as blue, black, or white. If you are feeling experimental with prints, you can go for more subtle ones like warli designs or polka dots.

Salwar Suits

If you want something a little grander than usual, salwar suits can be a great choice. But, similar to the kurtis, lesser embellishments are always a better choice. All the fancy colors ones with embellishments are best left for family functions.


Colored Leggings/ Salwar Pants

If you are looking to cut down on your shopping budget, yet looking for a great combo, then mix and match is the key. If you already own a salwar pant or leggings in gray, brown, white, black, and red, they go with most of the things you already own or are planning to buy. So, for example, if you have 5 kurtas and 5 colored bottoms, then you get up to 25 combinations to experiment with. It’s time to get creative huh?

Dhoti Pant

Extremely stylish and trendy, these pants are the long distance cousin of the Patiala pant. You can look extremely stylish and comfortable in this when paired with a solid shirt. A simple, sleeveless, and well-fitted kurti will also work equally well. If you are looking to increase the volume to your overall figure, then this will be a fabulous choice.


There is a famous quote along the lines of – no one can look bad in a sari, and they are absolutely right. Although cotton sarees are an excellent choice for work, given Indian weather conditions, you should find your calling by checking out different things. Satin and net are also a great choice for everyday purposes. Make sure your blouse is simple, as you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention. As there are different variations of the saree from several parts of India, you won’t run of styles to try out.


Whether they are block printed or plain ones, stoles and scarves add a dramatic touch to your plain suits and shirts. If you opt for materials like chiffon or satin, they will be lighter as they don’t pack too much weight.

Always choose a shape that flatters your body. And, when it comes to power dressing be careful about the hemlines and neck patterns. If you are choosing clothes which are too tight, it might make you feel really uncomfortable. Always choose the right accessories such as small studs, ballet shoes or sandals, and tote bags so that you are ready to go during your morning rush.