The year is coming to an end and we have seen a lot of stunning and fabulous trends this season. Here is a roundup of our favourite trends of 2018. These stunning styles have been showcased by celebrities at weddings, parties and other events. We are sure that these stylish and trendy trends will be carried over to 2019 so do make sure that you have invested in a few of them.

Layered Anarkali Suits

Layered Anarkali SuitsSomehow layering has been a trend that everyone has taken a keen interest in and who can blame them? Layered Anarkali Suits is a trend that has filled up half my wardrobe.

Heavy Embellished Sharara Suits

Heavy Embellished Sharara SuitsShararas made a big comeback this year and all of the right reasons. They are chic and you can rock them at almost all Indian events where we are required to dress up.

Jacket Trends

Jacket TrendsJacket is a trend that is most loved by all. An ever favorite winter trend that warms up not only you but your fashion quotient too.

Floral Printed Sarees

Floral Printed SareesFlorals prints, especially Sarees with floral prints have been a hugely successful trend. These are an everlasting trend has hence can never go wrong. Make sure you invest in some of these.

Digital Printed Gowns

Digital Printed GownsDigital prints and Gowns in the same sentence? A sure shot winner in any fashion ramp or event. They are trendy and chic but not too over the top.

Salwars with Classic Dupattas

Salwars with Classic DupattasSalwars are something that no Indian can live without and it was about time that they brought a new trend in it. Salwars with Classic Dupattas are an amazing piece to add to your collection because I don’t think this trend is going to die anytime soon.

Benarasi Lehengas

Benarasi LehengasBenarasi Lehengas caught my eye because they are a perfect blend traditional yet trendy. They are one of the most amazing wedding wear trends that I have seen.

Trendy Cowl Sarees

Trendy Cowl Sarees

Cowl Sarees are currently my go-to party wear outfit. They are elegant chic and mind-blowingly sexy. These add an aura of a celebrity fashionista around you when you adorn these.

High Slit Gowns

High Slit Gowns

Super foxy and quite trendy high slit Gowns are a sure shot winner if you are a party person. They are exactly what we repeatedly saw this year and if I am not wrong they are sure to be trending the coming season too.

Voguish Bell Sleeve Styles

Voguish Bell Sleeve StylesThis year another trend took the fashion world by storm and those are the gorgeous Bell Sleeves. Celebrities. bloggers, fashionistas and even my meighbours have caught on to this trend so do not forgo this trend.

Crop Tops and Skirts

Crop Tops and SkirtsThe feminine and chic trend of this season was Crop Top and Skirt. With beautiful handworks or prints, these have been ruling 2018. I would say buy at least one of these for they are super dependable and a fresh look from all the others.

Shoulderless Party Gowns

Shoulderless Party GownsI believe a wardrobe cannot exist with a Shoulderless Party Gown. I have quite some collection and need it too for a lot of celebrities were spotted sporting one.

The Half N Half Sarees

The Half N Half SareesThe Sarees lovers have a treat for this year because we saw some amazing Half-N-Half Sarees trends that I am sure are going to trend the next year too.

Do let me know in the comments below on how many of these trends do you own in your wardrobe.