Designed by our EthnoStylists Lia Lincy, Madhu Manjari and Dolly Bhorwani

As Caitlin Moran once said, “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today’”.
We all have had the dream to wear a designer wear and flaunt it in front of our family and friends but these clothes leave you with a tattered wallet. They have sizes that would take us 10 years of gym to fit into. We just love our curves, don’t we? We understand your plight and that is why we bring to you, our exclusive designer line EthnoVogue at your fingertips.

Our EthnoStylists (designers) from across the globe showcase their designs and hence you take your pick from extraordinary designs to choose from. You all are too special to be wearing the same clothes as everyone. This is your chance to make your dream of wearing a designer wear comes true.

Hush! Don’t tell anyone the secret I tell you. These designer wears comes at an affordable price. Don’t believe us? Go check out our collection at Cbazaar. You must be thinking that since the prices are comparatively low than other designer wears, the quality would be cheap, well you are in for a surprise because the fabrics are personally hand picked by our EthnoStylists. Premium quality clothes at an affordable price, what are you waiting for?

Designed by our EthnoStylists Lia Lincy, Madhu Manjari and Dolly Bhorwani

What if I tell that, you can custom-stitch our exclusive designer wear to your taste and preferences? I am pretty sure your thoughts are all going towards, it is impossible!’. Cbazaar believes that everyone should be given a chance to be in-vogue regardless of her shape, color, size or race. Our EthnoStylists will get in touch with you when you buy from EthnoVogue collection.

We believe that fashion and trend are part of globalization and hence we built a platform for designers from all over the world to showcase their designs through sketches. Your first thought would be, ‘how can I buy a sketch?’. There are more advantages to buying sketches because these sketches mean exclusivity, a design that has never been worn by anyone else. You would be our show-stopper, and this is your best chance to flaunt about fashion taste. You can get your Sarees,
Salwars, Lehengas, Kurtas Pyjamas and Pathani Sets easily custom-stitched, unlike the readily stitched outfits. You can get every dress custom-made to fit you perfectly. Only a person with a bad fashion taste would pick a readily stitched dress over the exclusive designer outfits, right?
Come experience the luxury of designer wear with Cbazaar’s exclusive EthnoVogue collection.