Freedom has always been something that all of us had to fight for. In this age and day, the one thing we still fight for is the freedom to fashion. Why should we be judged on the clothes we wear? Why can’t we wear the clothes that we like? Why is there clothes only for some certain size? These were the question that arose inside me when I went shopping at one of the leading clothing stores in Chennai and did not find anything that would fit me. I am short and always found it difficult to find clothes that would look good on me. My major problem when it came to fashion was the size, neckline and obviously the length. Why do all the leading and major retail fashion stores sell only for a certain size and body shape? What about me and a thousand other people who don’t fit into the ‘normal shape and size’ category? Well, it was time for a change and time to start a fight for our Freedoms.
EthnoVogue, a designer wear clothing line is the perfect solution for all problem and gives you the #FreedomToReimagine. Started with the sole reason to allow all women to experience the benefits of designer wear ethnic outfits at an affordable rate, this brand became a lot of people’s favorite brand. Designers from around the world create outfits. A double quality check makes sure that the fabric and stitch are the best that you will ever find.
EthnoVogue Collection
Ever went to a store and wondered “why can’t I wear that outfit?” ? If you have then join the gang, sister. We don’t want our preferred size and shape to come with limited design option. We want our #FreedomToAnyDesign and be confident that we would find it in our size. My advice to you, check out EthnoVogue, a collection where there is no shape, size or design barrier for they provide us the #FreedomToCustomStitch outfits. We provide options like Regular Stitching and Ready Size. Regular Stitching helps you give the detailed measurement of every section of the dress and hence provides you a custom stitched outfit. Isn’t it cool to have your outfit straight at home, stitched perfectly to your size and not go to the tailor for alterations? We are proud to say that Cbazaar is the pioneer in Stitching services online for they believe that every woman has a size of her own and hence deserve a outfit that her size loves.
If size is just a number then why does the cost of the outfit increase with the sizes? Why do they ask us to shorten the length or ‘suggest’ us to get a bigger size and then alter it to our size?These are the unanswered questions that no one ever answered and hence this is our chance to fight for our #FreedomToAnySize. Plus size, skinny or petite, everyone should get a chance to pick any outfit that they like.
new outfits
Fabrics are one of the most important factor none of us ever compromise on. Seen a nice fabric and couldn’t decide what to make out of it or seen stunning designs and wished it came in some other fabric? Customers are Kings and Queens, right? Well, then why don’t we get a chance to get something made to our liking? Never compromise on your #FreedomToAnyFabric for comfort and style are what everyone craves for. EthnoVogue hosts so many varieties of fabrics like Art Silk, Georgette, Net, Cotton with embroidery, prints, sequins, and stonework. Speaking of enjoying premium quality fabrics, the stitching or tailoring plays an equally significant role when it comes to finding the perfect outfit. The EthnoVogue Design Consultation is a consultation service where you can pick any design from the EthnoVogue collection and change the fabrics of the outfit with the EthnoStylists helping you to do the same. Clothes of your choice of design stitched to your size and shape are what makes a fashion diva out of every one of us.
MIX and Match

Are you thinking ‘me and a fashion diva? Nah!’, well think again. Do you like to Mix and Match and create outfits? Do you like creating new outfits with the clothes that you buy? Then hell yeah you are a designer in your own right for you all have the #FreedomToMixNMatch and no one understands this better than Cbazaar. No women should have a limited wardrobe and hence the Mix-N-Match, a feature exclusive to EthnoVogue and Bollywood Vogue. Which means a chance to design your own outfits using the designer wear outfits and have the #FreedomToBeYourOwnDesigner, can it get any better than that? Wondering who our designers are? Our team of designers is from around the world. We believe globalization helps achieve the diversified look at fashion and hence our teams include the most talented designers from around the world like Madhu Manjari, Lia Lincy, Vanditha Jain, Ana, Saloni Jain, Dolly Bhorwani to name a few.

The EthnoVogue collection gives you all these Freedoms so that you will always have #FreedomToReimagine. Which Freedom are you going to claim? I go for all!