By Nayana

With every new season comes to a new array of styles, patterns, textures, etc and to stay updated sometimes becomes cumbersome. This time it’s not the outfit but rather the fabric trends we have come up for you. Are you among those ladies who like to keep close ties with prevailing fashion trends? Then skim through the 6 fabric trends that are going to trend this season.

Cotton fabrics

Cotton is one fabric that pops up in our mind when speaking of summers. So any wardrobe with summer essentials cannot be completed without some comfy cotton outfits. It’s an evergreen fabric with great adaptability. Be it your daily wear Kurta or a heavy embroidered Lehenga, this fabric has a huge range of versatility so you can pair it with a nice and classy print, some fine embroidery or sequin work if you wish.

Art Silk Fabrics

Art Silk:
Art silk fabric is a blend of cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics. It is as comfortable as cotton and as rich as silk. Art silk manufacturing is way cheaper than pure silk and also a great buy for people who refrain from wearing pure silk with the guilt of killing so many beings. This is one of the versatile fabrics coming in various forms like printed, embellished, self-woven or embroidered.

Georgette Fabrics

Georgette fabric is a lightweight fabric that everyone obsesses over in summers. It comes in sheer to opaque finishes. It is a strong and durable fabric compared to chiffon. It gives a perfect fall and hence it a preferred choice of many designers to create Sarees and Gowns. The fabric drapes give a comfortable and elegant look. Georgette can be branched into many categories pertaining to its finish, weaving patterns, utility, and embellishments.

The fall and feel of Organza fabric make it a classic choice in the fashion world. Even though styles and trends change frequently, organza fabric is still so popular and preferred due to its utility and multifunctionality. Organza is great for bridalwear and evening wear. Some dresses need lots of layering without making it bulky in look, then definitely organza is the go-to choice.


Taffeta is a lustrous fabric with a crisp texture which is a bit matte in look. Seeing into the fact that it gives a luxurious finish and sophisticated sheen to the dress it has become hands-on choice among the masses for special occasion outfits. Many thin fabrics tend to lose their shape and texture as they are worn, but Taffeta’s solidified texture does not disfigure or lose its shape all throughout the evening or event. It is used broadly to create Indian heavy ethnic outfits.

Net: Net has been one of the most loved sheer fabrics in the fashion industry. This fabric is created by, looping and knotting threads of yarns at their intersections giving open spaces between the yarns because of which it gets a light, gauzy look. Net is available in a wide variety of textures, patterns, and designs. It is used in both in Indian and western outfits. Best way to incoroporate this trendy fabric into your wardrobe is by having Anakalis, Sarees, Dupattas, etc.