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It's Festive season! Time for lots of planning and of course shopping hits the top priority in everybody's things-to-do list.

Diwali is commonly referred to as the 'Festival of Lights', but there is a tinge more than just crackers and diyas. As you guess, it is also about 'Fashion'. Certainly, there could be no better occasion than Diwali to dress-up all dashing and sparkling, but the question is - What kind of apparel would best fit the occasion? Diwali collections are usually humongous, so here are some gripping ideas to make your best choice of outfit for this season. Perhaps, Cbazaar is the ultimate choice when it comes to sherwani. Diwali Shopping because it offers India's most stunning and elegant ethnic apparels that suits for all occasion. Now is the ideal time to browse through the website - to make your pick.

Sarees - Indulge in Traditions

As per Hindu traditions, sarees are definitely the prime choice of outfit to serve the occasion. When it comes to serious shopping by women, their choices for Diwali Sarees are many and the types of fabric include georgette, shimmer georgette, silk cotton, crepe, Kanchipuram silk, etc. The most charismatic feature of Diwali Sarees is its extravagant use of embellishments to give a grand look and feel. Most common embroidery work utilized in sarees are Zari, Resham, filet and few other gold and silver thread work combination. Not to forget the sparkling sequins and shining bugle beads which can enhance any type of saree to a great extent.

Salwar Kameez - Set the Trend

Women go crazy for Salwar Kameez, especially to look suave on a special occasion. If you're more on the comfort line, then Salwar Kameez is the perfect choice on any festive occasion, such as Diwali. When it comes to Diwali Salwar Kameez collections, it is important to choose the best one based on quality of print, design, pattern, texture, color and styles. Apart from the traditional silk Salwar Kameez, one can also go about buying designer make which usually exhibits beautiful resham or zari embroidered designs enhanced with embellishments such as sequins, beads, zardozi, etc.

Lehenga Choli - Truly Ethnic

One of the best way to find your true ethnicity is by buying yourself an elegant Lehenga Choli for the occasion. Of course, Diwali being the most popular festival in India, designer's Diwali Lehenga Cholis are high in demand. They are known to be truly ethnic and vibrant all over India. In this modern era, one can find prominent cuts and styles in Lehenga Choli. Straight Cut Lehenga, Panelled Lehenga, Fish Tail or Mermaid Lehenga and Circular Lehenga are few to be named. If you're planning your Diwali to be absolutely traditional, then Lehenga Choli has be your dress for the day.

Diwali Collections will keep flooding in for next few months, so now is the right time to make your plan and start shopping.

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