-Arya Vasanth Nair

14th February marks the start of every emotion and commotion. Why complicate love than it already is? We all love the idea of wearing our heart on our sleeve like all the love songs say. Don’t know how to go about it? Well, what better way to convey your emotions better, than through colors? So this Valentine’s Day, explore every color of Love with us.

Red, the color of LOVE obviously goes to all the committed couples out there. Match your dresses and show the whole the world that your love stands strong and tall. This is your chance to scream out all of me loves all of you.


Ward away your admirers with White for it stand as the symbol of stating that you are already taken so that you can proudly say I am only me when I am with you.


All the single ladies jazz up your look in shades of Blue to let the world know that you are all ready and set to enter the commitment world.


Gather all your confidence and if you need some extra, take it from the power of the Green you wear, for it shall scream out I will be here waiting for you.

Muster up courage with Orange to tell your Crush you belong with me, forever and ever for orange stands for the anticipation of a lover who is about to open their heart.


If you found love in a hopeless place then this is your chance to flaunt your new found love, for Pink stands for all the blooming love stories out there.

If you are someone who wants no part in love, drama or proposals then wear Purple for this color gives the perfect statements of 7 things I hate about you to everyone out there.


All those who didn’t have much luck this year don’t worry for Black has come to your rescue because none other than this color understands the fact that you only know you love her when you let her go.


What better way to inform the world and your ex that they are just a picture to burn for you than by wearing yellow, for this color symbolizes the fire that portrays pain as well as strength.