Gone are the days that the Love Heros struggled to confess their love. This is our dedication to all the Lovers out there who prefer to love the old-fashioned way. From stealing glimpses to small gifts Valentine’s Day was a very different scenario back then. Filled with Bollywood inspired outfits and cheesy lines the 80s and 90s romance have swoon-worthy customaries in practices during the Valentine’s Day. Hang on to recollect the good old memories with us.

Valentine’s movie
There was a golden time when almost all the lovers were great shayaris. The early days saw a lot of beautiful poems, shayaris and movie dialogues that are still used by many. “Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai,… aur pyar ek baar hi hota hai” are still one of the most used lines till date. Bollywood was most peoples go to place for this special day. Imitating your favorite actor’s fashion style was something that everyone followed to impress their Valentine.

Love letters were the other famous thing that people used to express their love for their Valentine. Letters starting with Meri Pyaari made the ladies blush so deep that I am pretty sure they were the ones who invented the whole ideas of the powdered blushes we use today. Being sneaky was something that the 80s and 90s people mastered in. The circulation of notebooks with love letters so as to not get caught was one of their signature moves that the younger generations adopted.

They mastered the ‘expressing everything through eyes’ to make sure that they left no traces or evidence to their sneakiness. A look from the other end of the hall would be enough to express all that they wanted to say, a skill that the new generation really need to develop and improve on.

Valentine’s movie 2
Valentine’s Day was a one-day event unlike now and hence people wanted to make the most use of it. Color coding dresses and planning took most of the couple’s time. Long bike rides were one of the rages of those time. Borrowing bikes and clothes from their friends who were single were common sites that were seen. Valentine’s Day would never be complete without a movie and a visit to the beach. Instead of Cafes, Ice Cream Parlours were the lover’s spot. Maybe this was the reason their love stories were a little close to fairy tales.

Every lover’s gift always included Archies Valentine’s Day card and a rose. Gifts were always something small and cute so that they could be hidden easily from the prying eyes of parents and other family members.

Seems like the elders got the romance part right. This Valentine’s Day celebrate love the good, old-fashioned way.