“I remember quite vividly how my mom draped a vibrant violet saree around me for my farewell, It was that day that I realized the difficulty it takes to carry off such a beautiful dress. I was in awe of the way my mother had changed my look and this struck a cord with the real meaning of fashion” says Saloni Jain, a 22-year-old from Bijainagar, Rajasthan and a woman who made her mark in this competitive fashion industry.

Happiness and sadness wrote her story of success. Her struggles and her battles portray her designs harmoniously. Her passion and thirst for fashion designing brought her to Surat, a new city with challenges of its own. When asked how she managed her role of being a daughter and fashion designer, this was her answer, “I missed my family, actually I still miss them a lot, but my mother has been a strong pillar and told me to vigorously pursue my dream. This strong lady once said, “only if you go searching for opportunities will it ever find you” and this motivates me to grab and make a name for myself”.

When asked about the difficulty she faces as a designer her answer quite shocked me. “Well, working on multiple outfits at a single time with a time constraint is something I find very exciting and exhausting. I was assigned to handle one customer who required three bridal outfits for three different ceremonies. It was very challenging because she wanted it in a short span of time. She wanted certain elements that were quite unusual and all over the place, but I knew it was my job to give her, her dream outfit and her dream wedding outfit is one of my most cherished works”.

With a smile, she remembers how she came across discovering her favorite two hobbies aside from designing, “I was drawn to dancing because of the dresses and costumes but found something even better, a perfect stress reliever. It’s like a trance, you lose yourself and forget about anything and everything that is worrying you. The other thing that I found myself enjoying is traveling. For me traveling is not about going to some far-off place, it is about leaving your daily routines and habits and drawing inspiration from things that we see”.

We have always believed that designers are magicians who change the whole look with a spell and here is how Saloni proves it wrong. “I definitely believe we are magicians who change the whole look, but it takes more than a spell to make an outfit into something beautiful and enchanting. Most of the times, designer work with materials that are least pleasing to the eye, but the end result is unquestionably magical. It is even harder when people expect a ramp walk dress to be made to look like some everyday wear and this is the best and worst part of being a designer”.
Saloni designs
She draws inspiration from her favorite designer Rahul Mishra. His simplicity is something she creates while creating designs for Cbazaar. She holds this close to her heart that, every designer needs to try and give back as much as they can to the society through their designs. Her priority is always her customer’s satisfaction and this is the message I would give every aspiring fashion designer out there who is trying to make it big in this huge industry.

Saloni finds that a smile or appreciation from a customer means more to her than anything else. “I remember the time when my first design was sold through Cbazaar. I was so overjoyed at being appreciated by my customer that I was almost in tears”. She believes that her designs and not her story should outshine and I think she has definitely done so, What do you think?
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