Behind every successful Woman, there is a Man

vandita jain

“Behind every successful woman, there is a man. Well, I was blessed with two, My Father and my Husband. One ignited the fire in me while the other taught me how to handle and keep the fire burning”, was her answer when she I asked who her mentors were.

Vanditha Jain, a twenty-seven-year-old fashion designer who loves to draw inspiration from everything around her, be it nature or architecture; lifestyle or ideology; a sublime piece of artwork or magnificently decorated house, opens up about her dreams and aspirations. Coming from a middle-class family in Coonoor, Nilgiri, she learned that a degree or place cannot undermine ones passion to succeed in life. Commerce degree in one hand and passion for fashion designing in the other, she started her journey to success.

Her answer to ‘when the calling for becoming a designer came?’ was, “I have always loved dressing others right since I was a child. My mother used to tell me how I constantly advised her on how to drape her saree. Somehow my love for adding a little touch of me to the dresses turned me to this field”. Being an average scoring student, she always knew her passion and success laid in the world of fashion. Art was her favorite subject, for it was the only subject that loved her back as much as she loved it.

As time passed she learned to enjoy some things other than designing. Photography, music, movies, and shopping has her bubbling with happiness.


“Manish Malhotra is someone I greatly admire. His fashion style and design are something that I can relate to. His belief to be able to transform anyone to look their best has me working harder and passionately to achieve that kind of success. His persistence to succeed despite of no formal education in fashion designing has made me realize that success and achievements are something that has no limits. He once said “Never lose focus. There are no shortcuts to success. But, when it does come, work harder”, makes me confident that persistence and hard work can move even mountains”.
“As a designer, I would prefer not just to design solely for design aesthetics or usability but would like to marry the two and create a sustainable clothing range for the benefit of humanity, and this would also be my message to young designers out there”, was how Vanditha Jain describes her design style.

How she came across Cbazaar is an interesting affair. It was when she was exploring opportunities to enhance her skill sets and get some experience, in the quest to find the best organization to start her career with, the best organization found her. She describes how Cbazaar has been a thrilling experience of her life. “It has been the most amazing journey so far, right from the youngest staff to the amazing CEO and COO of the company, they have been an inspiration and motivation to work with. Cbazaar has made me what I am today, and I can’t thank enough”.

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