An annual fasting ritual of the Hindus, Karva Chauth has been made popular by Bollywood movies. Observed by married women this festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi who performed a severe penance to wed Lord Shiva. It symbolizes the love and respect of the wife and rejoices the special bond between husband and wife.

Celebrations begin in advance with shopping for clothes, gifts, henna and Pre-Karwa Chauth parties. On the day of Karva Chauth women get up early take a bath, dress up and eat before sunrise and observe a fast for the rest of the day. They do not take even a sip of water until they break their fast. In the evening women dress in their best outfits and along with friends and family perform the puja and rituals of Karwa Chauth.

The sighting of the moon is very important and all the rituals revolve around the moon rise.Women see the moon through the sieve and offer prayers and flowers to the moon for the well-being of their spouse. This is followed by songs and the story behind the rituals. They then take a sip of water and some sweets to break their fast.

Traditional finery in colors of maroon, reds, golds are usually associated with Karva Chauth dressing. Step away from the usual color palette and experiment with the trending colors of the season with pinks, marsala, tangerines. Accentuate your festive look with classic pieces of jewelry in gold with precious stones, kundan and pearls adding sparkle to your outfit. Mehndi is an integral part of Karva chauth. Intricate henna tattoos adorn and hands of feet of married women.