One of the most treasured creations in a woman’s closet, silk sarees have come a long way redefining the Indian culture & fashion scene. It’s richness is defined by the special hand weaving technique, fine texture, great luster, long durability and excellent finish. The saree is donned specially on occasions or festivals, adding classiness to the moment.

With silk saree being a worldwide tradition, there are some facts which are not known to the people at large. Firstly, all the kinds of silk saris are washable, and they can be hand washed. A distinguishing feature of silk is that it doesn’t shrink like other fabrics.

Being a precious ensemble, one needs to follow some basic tips for maintaining the sheen of this cultured saree.

  •  Always wrap the sarees in muslin or soft cotton cloth.
  • On a bright sunny day, unfold your silk sarees and dry it atleast once every month. It will help you maintain the saree from smelling damp.

  • Do not use soap for the first three washes. Gently rinse in plain cold water.

  • For the subsequent washes, use a mild detergent. Wash the pallu, border & body separately.

  • Do not brush or lash a Silk Saree. This would lead to tearing of ‘zari’.

  • After washing, the saree must be dried immediately.

  • To remove oil and cosmetic stains, try applying talcum powder to absorb the stains and wipe the area with clean cotton cloth or paper towel.

  • Never let the silk saree rest on a hanger as it might get stained in reaction with the metal and wood (stinky odor).

  • It’s recommended to iron the saree between two pieces of cloth. Please don’t wet the saree prior to ironing or use steam iron.
  • Dry-cleaning is the best way to care for silk, since the solvents used do not affect silk.

  • Even if you do not wear the silk saree often, remove it from the wrapper, change the fold and store it.

  • Store the silk saree in a cool dry place.

The silk saree last for decades without losing its charm & elegance, all it needs is proper care & you will remain a proud owner of this heritage for life.

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