Here are the two forms of jewellery which have fascinated us since the Mughal era, Kundan and Polki. They are amongst the oldest forms of jewellery making originated & practiced in India. Owning one of these ancient jewellery is a pride for every other Indian woman.

Be it Aishwarya Rai’s bejeweled splendour in Jodha Akbar, or Kareena Kapoor’s resplendence in elaborate bridal jewellery at the time of her nuptials with actor and the last titular Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan. Both of them flaunted these ancient art forms with class and refinement.

The present generation often confuses both these jewellery terms, assuming them to be one and the same. We hereby bring you the real distinction between the two resplendent forms of jewellery and present yet another reason for you to indulge in the rich heritage culture.


The word ‘Kundan’ means highly refined gold, whereas ‘polki’ stands for uncut diamonds.

Popularity in Different Culture

The art of Polki jewellery is popular mainly in Rajasthan. Weddings and family heirlooms are considered incomplete without these uncut beauties. The Kundankari craft is conspicuously seen in traditional Punjabi weddings.

The Art of Making

Traditional kundan jewelry has visible stones set into a piece on one side and the obverse side of the piece is decorated with an enameling process called “meenakari”. Polki jewellery is also made with this same Kundan technique but involves rose cut and semi-finished diamonds.

Different Cultures, Different Names

With rising popularity, people have termed these jewellery forms differently, Meena Kundan is known by Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery, whereas Polki is called ‘Vilandi’ in Gujarat for the subtle sparkle of the uncut diamond.

Expensive v/s Affordable

While the final price of the product depends on the design, gemstones and workmanship, Polki is comparatively more expensive than Kundan jewellery as it uses diamonds.

Being an exclusive preserve of Indian royalty, Kundan jewellery accentuates the beauty of bridal lehenga & designer butterfly pallu saree. The polki jewellery on the other hand dignifies the charm & elegance of a modern creation, bringing in a rich exclusive touch to the attire. Choose your preferred jewellery and let the world know you have arrived!

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