The lehenga is synonymous with classic ethnic beauty. Right from the long flowing skirt to the immaculately embroidered blouse, the look is versatile enough to be worn also to a wedding, a party or even as everyday wear. This doesn’t mean you should be limit yourself to wearing it only on fancy occasions. We give you some explosive tips to wear the lehenga whenever you please by mixing it up and changing subtly the ways in which the lehenga is draped.


The high waisted lehenga is for those who want the lehenga style to accentuate their curves. For this look, the skirt sits snugly above the waist. This look enables one to revel in traditional elegance with a touch of contemporary pizzazz.

East meets West

Get the Indo-Western fusion style, for a breezy, everyday elegance that will help you stand apart from the rest. Pair a simple skirt with a cotton shirt for a playful yet easy, free-flowing charm that possesses a certain finesse about it. You could also choose to amp up the style by accessorizing with chunky necklaces.

Mix n Match

Very few people want to venture into the territory of mixing and matching, which can really make your outfit stand out in a crowd. All you gotta do is pair a long kurta with a skirt and you’re set with a stunning combination that should have everyone complimenting you like crazy.

Layered Lehenga

A decent jacket that is fits like a glove can transform your outfit from a boring style to a totally glamorous and dazzling one. You could also ditch the blouse all together for a more contemporary sophistication.

The Sarenga look

That’s right, this style is a hybrid between a saree and a lehenga. If you’re someone who is a hardcore saree fanatic then this style allows you to stay true to the six-yard wonder while also wearing the new trend.