At, one of the first online Indian ethnic clothing portals, we have always shown a certain fearlessness in our constant endeavor to take Indian fashion to the masses worldwide. Our most recent endeavor – a perfect blend of fashion with augmented reality technology supersedes all others, in terms of sheer innovation through years of experience. Having been in the ethnic fashion game for over a decade now, we at Cbazaar know a thing or two about playing to our strengths. The wealth of data (metrics on customers preferences w.r.t sizing, custom stitching/designing, fabric, color requirements, etc) we have accumulated over the years serving over 500,000 customers all over the globe together with data on present-day trends and fashion tendencies analyzed by our team of EthnoStylists combined with the power of Augmented reality technology help us in offering customers with tons of color, fabric and design combinations they would never have imagined.

A host of Benefits

With this new venture, we intend on addressing the need of customers to look and dress uniquely. With tons of never-before-seen style, design, color and fabric combinations, every customer is bound to gain a unique look that will help them stand out from the crowd. Apart from the sheer range of fashion choices this augmented reality venture also offers customers a 25% decrease in the price of such premium styles as well as custom stitching for all sizes.

Where imagining a piece of fabric (of a certain color and material, featuring unique decorative features) in a particular silhouette shape can be quite difficult, Augmented reality technology bridges this gap by offering customers with realistic visualizations of their desired style combinations.

Impact on a Younger Audience

With our philosophy of dressing traditionally while staying true to current trends and fads, Cbazaar has made a major impact on young fashionistas between the ages of 17 and 24 the world over in terms of propagating our EthnoVogue concept.

What sets us apart from most other ethnic fashion retailers and makes Cbazaar appealing to younger audiences as well as a force to be reckoned with in the Indian ethnic fashion industry is our intrepid approach to innovation and refusal to shy away from challenges.

Moving Towards the Future

At a time when Apple is spear-heading the AR movement through the introduction of the ARKit – a feature on its latest iPhone, which is expected to make way to a world where people will soon be able to try out an AR version of a dress before they purchase it, we at Cbazaar are definitely making long strides on course to the future beside some of the biggest players in the world today!