“The Body is meant to be seen, not all covered up”- Marilyn Monroe

Admiring yourself in a life size mirror have you ever pondered what shape your body flaunts? Knowing your body helps you dressing up right and enhances the beauty of your built. A typical women’s body shapes are mainly divided into 5 categories: Pear, Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle and Rectangle.

So, let’s find out what’s your body type.

Pear- If you have a  Slim shoulders, slimmer waist and wide hips you have a pear shaped body. Flaunt your lean waist concealing your imperfections  ;

Apple- An apple shaped woman has slim shoulders, wider waist and wide hips. Be creative with your body shape playing with illusion around the midriff and flaunting your willowy neck and slender arms and legs;  

Hourglass- With almost equal shoulders and hips and a small waist you can make them envious so never miss the chance to show off your sexy waist;

Inverted Triangle- If you have a wide shoulders, almost similarly slim waist and hips you have an inverted triangle body shape;

Rectangle- You have almost equally proportioned shoulders, waist and hips. So all you need to do is choose dress accentuating your bust and hips.

Each body type has its own pros and cons. We are here to share some tricks to highlight your assets and conceal your flaws. So hack from us, tips to wear it right according to your body shape and make a lasting impression on your onlookers.  

Apple: You gotta flaunt your neck and long slender arms and feet. You can wear clothes that show off your waist or belted dresses or the ones that show your midriff. An open neckline creates illusion when you stick to an overall colour. Sharara pattern with long top and umbrella Lehengas will look best on you. They should be fitted at the right places like your bust and waistline.



Pear: Heavy bottoms?? Dont worry you can still look slender. Try out flowing bottoms like a ghaghra with a short choli, which helps concealing heavy hips and accentuates your slim waist. Broader patterns at the ankles like straight fit or flared pants, flowing materials for bottoms but structured tops would perfectly doll you up. A-line lehenga cholis are perfect for your body shape.


Inverted Pyramid: A small jacket over a fitted dress counterfeits your broad shoulders and bust. A full umbrella lehenga with a dupatta over your short choli would look great for your body type. Avoiding boat necks and shoulder pads would be a great idea while flared bottoms would balance the broad shoulders.