-Arya Vasanth Nair
Spine straight, head held high, a smile on the lips and tears in the eyes, a look that crosses every Indian’s face at the mention of Independence Day! A celebration that started on August 15th, 1947, still continues with the same grandeur and pride. As we move into the 72nd year of Independence, people around the world are in a dilemma of what to wear that would portray the emotions that run through them especially for school, college students and working people who attend flag hoisting at their institutions. To learn how to dress up on such special and auspicious day we need to understand what each color signifies to you and the country, India. Best way to show your support and love for your Bharat Mahan is going with the colors of the flag. The answer you were searching for is in the flag itself.

Strength and courage, the topmost trait that signifies our success to Independence. I believe that people who wear it stand as the guardians of the country and by guardian I mean our army, navy, air force and police force. They show exemplary courage and sacrifices their life and happiness just like our freedom fighters. They fought till they won, never caring about the loved ones they would be leaving behind, in the hopes that his/her motherland would lend them their hand. If you think it is the strength and courage that you hold close to your heart then adorn a saffron-colored ethnic wear.

White as we all know stands for peace and truth. By maintaining our calm and peace in the most dire situations, we have aced this trait. Picking the path of ahimsa to win back our freedom, a masterstroke thought to us by our beloved Mahatma Gandhi. He taught us to smile at adversities and fight with our kindness, making us famous for being a peace loving country. Stand by what you believe is the truth but never resorting to violence is the path he carved for us. If this is what you believe in, then go ahead adorn a white Indian wear.

The color of growth and fertility, green is a color that gives us hope for a brighter and vibrant future. It is a color that shows that we will not stop at making a better future for this country and its people. This country is for anyone young at heart so if you betting against all odds with the belief that we will have that greener future wear a green Indian ethnic wear.

Celebrate this Independence Day with your heart and arms wide open to greet each other with love so that we can make this country great again.