Everybody loves their outfits specially customized and tailored to perfectly fit them so that they can achieve a unique style with the maximum comfort. Plus with designer and customized blouses being all the rage today, reputed online ethnic fashion website Cbazaar.com has come with their new and novel initiative – EthnoStylist Blouses. What an EthnoStylist blouse basically is, is a specially tailored and customized blouse considering the customer’s measurements and preferences.

“Your Blouse. Made Your Way.” You will also find very contemporary and stylish cuts featuring exquisite embellishments and embroidery that will complement your saree perfectly. The EthnoStylist blouses playfully weaves a story of delicacy, expressing the pursuit of a dream in an instrumentation of vivacious hues and delicate hand-embroidery using lush fabrics.

On opting for an EthnoStylist blouse, the team of highly skilled designers at Cbazaar.com will send the customer a set of 4 different blouse patterns to choose from, based on the measurements and styling options mentioned by the customer. For instance, if the customer opts for sleeveless blouses, then a set of 4 different sleeveless blouse designs will be sent to the customer. Every pattern comes with the approximate cost and date of delivery.

Any additional embroidery/embellishment requests from the customer include their own approximate costs and delivery dates. The designers send the blouse patterns to the customers within 24 hours of placing the order. Customers can then revert with their choices and even get in touch with the designers to clarify any doubts or  make any special requests they may have. Alternatively, the designers also help customers who have their own blouse patterns in their mind, to make them a reality. All blouse patterns are conceptualized based on the measurements given by the customers along with their personal preferences of the cut, style, fit and overall look of the blouse.