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Tussar silk also known as Kosa is a type of wild silk primarily produced in the states of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. This silk is produced from silkworms called antherea mylitta which feed on the leaves of the arjun and asan plants. Each variety of silk is distinguished by the type of silkworms producing the silk yarn as well as the variety of leaves they consume. Highly sought after for their exotic texture, colour and sheen, tussar silk fabrics come in a range of natural colours like beige and cream along with a golden sheen. These days, the latest tussar silk saree designs are often dyed in more vibrant colours and can be easily blended with fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen and even other varieties of silks. Most women around the country prefer to sport Tussar silk clothing in the winter because their thickness helps in keeping warm. Sarees are by far the most popular form of Tussar silk clothing.

These sarees often feature colorful borders, pallus and are also decorated with floral, foliage and other picturesque motifs. Striped or geometric patterns are also quite popularly featured on these saree styles. Kantha embroidery, where the plain fabrics are colourfully adorned with embroidered patterns to form the borders and pallu of the saree can be observed quite often in these sarees styles as the texture of the tussar silk fabric suits this embroidery very well. There are also quite a few types of tussar silk fabrics that in existence today. Each of these varieties are a blend of cotton with pure tussar silk. A fact about tussar silk not known by many is that it is one of the very few varieties of silk to be produced by silk moths that feed on leaves other than mulberry. This makes tussar silk fabrics cheaper than most other silks. One its most loved features is its property of refracting two different shades at different angles. This feature helps one truly stand out from the crowd.

Buy Traditional Tussar Silk Sarees Online

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