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Design IT Yourself

The Design It Yourself service is an exclusive and premium sector of Cbazaar that enables customers to choose and purchase products that have been specially designed by our team of EthnoStylists (professional designers) based on current trends in the ethnic and global fashion scene, specific occasions, celebrity styles inspired from movies / red carpet events, etc.

How its works

You can easily opt for the DIY option by following these five very simple steps

Select the Outfit

Choose your favorite outfit from DIY collections All of the illustrations on this page are outfits specially designed by our team of Ethno Stylists for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, parties, together with celebrity styles that include both red carpet styles and outfits inspired from movies, etc.

Place the Order

Upon choosing your favorite outfits, place the order and make the payment. Our Customer support team will put you in touch with the EthnoStylists who will provide a consultation for the outfit selected.

Consultation with the EthnoStylist

On selecting the desired outfit you can avail the exclusive services of our EthnoStylists to whom you can narrate the parts of the outfit you would like to be customized to your liking. All the clarifications & specifications are mutually shared. The EthnoStylists will also provide you with recommendations on the kind of style you should go for. For example, if you have just chosen an outfit and are planning on wearing it to a wedding, then our team of Ethno Stylists will recommend either going for a different style as per current trends, your body shape, etc or just tell you about the various aspects of the dress you can choose to customize for a style that perfectly suits your needs. You can choose to customize any part or aspect of the designed illustration, ranging from the type of fabric and color for a certain part to adding extra embellishments, embroidery and other decorative features.

Production Process

Based on the changes/ customizations you have chosen to get done on your outfit, our team of EthnoStylists will work on the final design, the embroidery images and the fabrics after incorporating all of the changes you requested. And then the team would proceed with the production process.

Get it delivered to your doorstep

As soon as you approve the final design, our team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen will get to work on the production process. Our EthnoStylist proceed with quality check upon completion of the outfit. They personally take care of the quality that is delivered to each customer. Upon completion, your outfit will be delivered to your doorstep after your approval of the final look. Our EthnoStylists receive feedback from you to ensure you're happy and satisfied with the product delivered.

Style Journey with DIY

What our Beloved Customers Have to Say About Their Experience with DIY.

Shanthik's Journey

Shanthik from the U.S.A was looking for an elegant Indian ethnic outfit for a ramp walk competition. On opting for the DIY option as part of Cbazaar's Bespoke Couture service, she chose a Blue prom style Lehenga that she liked and also provided us with her measurements.

Our team of EthnoStylists then interacted closely with her, offering her suggestions and recommendations based on trends and her style profile (body shape, measurements, personal tastes and preferences) with respect to how she could customize the outfit she had chosen, making it look as beautiful as possible. In addition to her choice of opting for a blue colored choli, Shanti also agreed to go for a gold blouse with some exquisite embroidery on the suggestions of our EthnoStylists, to make the outfit look less monotonous.

The EthnoStylists then got back to her with the final sketch of her outfit after incorporating all of the changes requested. Shanti then gave the go-ahead for the production process to begin on her outfit. She was updated on the progress of every step right from the sourcing of fabrics to embroidery and the final look.

On completion, the first look of the outfit was sent to Shanti, upon which she requested a few changes to be made to her dupatta. All of the Changes were incorporated. Shanti was happy with the look and the outfit was processed for delivery.
On receiving the outfit, this is what Shanti had to say :
"Hi, thanks a lot for turning around things last minute, incorporating the feedback and making my outfit look great. I got tons of compliments!"

Alima’s Journey with Design It Yourself

Alima Chowdary's ethnic style expedition began with her opting for a dhoti saree from the DIY section, a part of our Bespoke Couture service.

On receiving the order request from Alima, our team of EthnoStylists immediately established contact with her and began interacting with her, offering her suggestions on how she could customize her outfit to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Alima then requested a sketch incorporating all of her customization requests to be sent to her.

After her approval of the sketch, the production process on her outfit was initiated. Upon completion of the production process, the final look of the outfit was shared with Alima. Alima was delighted with the look of the outfit but didn't quite understand how to wear it. Our team of EthnoStylists then shared a special video on the draping technique with Alima. Alima was happy with the outfit and also requested another outfit which is currently in the production phase.

This is what Alima had to say on receiving the outfit - "I was so pleased with my dhoti saree. I have enclosed pictures. Hope it helps! I would like to work with you to create another piece. Can I begin with showing you some pictures? Please let me know the procedure. I need the piece done by October 15th (Shipped to the USA), so the faster we can speak, the better."
On receiving the outfit, this is what Alima’s had to say :
"I received my order today. Thanks again for the free gift (I'm sure the girl will love it!) along with the coupon!"
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