Abayas are an apparel common to Muslim people living across the world. Abayas have evolved over the years, borrowing from contemporary and traditional trends. Abayas, today are the perfect Eid apparel, for anyone who wants to go all-out tradition. The abaya is a garment that is meant to be draped right from the crown of one’s head to the soles of her feet. It is designed as a loose garment, which is robe-like and that isn’t supposed to be transparent as it is apparently meant to keep the frame of the body from being revealed.

The fabrics used are too have evolved from just georgette, chiffon and crepe to more posh ones like lycra, net, satin, rayon, velvet and viscose. While the traditional fabrics are used for more traditional designs, the other newer fabrics are often featured in more contemporary styles. Abayas are also often adorned with various types of works like prints, from plain prints to more detailed ones, panel work, solid prints, stonework, bead work, crystal lycra work, some intricate embroidery with floral prints and others.

The colors that can be seen in most styles are predominantly black and off-white alone with blue, yellow, gray and pink. However, these days, abayas, having been influenced greatly by many contemporary trends, can also be seen in other fascinating colors like teal, turquoise, beige and gold. These colors can also be seen in several combinations, that are highly effective and make for interesting clothing. Several options are available in present times to be able to experiment with trends and find combinations that are absolutely eye-catchy. Online ethnic wear shopping websites like Cbazaar.com have vast and varied collections of abayas, several other traditional Eid styles and all kinds of Indian ethnic wear.

Abayas are often accompanied by scarves or shawls, also called hijabs that are meant to cover the head. Abayas aren’t accessorized with much, as the outfit is meant to speak for itself and isn’t meant to be glamorous, but rather possess a simple regal elegance to it.