The stark sunlight and hot weather calls for breezy, cool and light-weight attires that would ultimately soothe and comfort your body like no other. For some reason when it comes to comfort wear, sarees take a back seat. But if you revisit those times when your mom and grandma wore those lovely cotton sarees or late actress Sri Devi or actress Rekha inspired chiffon saree from movies Chandini and Silsila you would absolutely fall in love with sarees as comfort wear for any occasion. Saree is one piece of cloth that is unbiased, non judgmental and ever accepting for all shapes of women.

So when should you wear a saree? Well, as one of Beyonce’s famous song lyrics goes, Whenever! Wherever! So if you are a beginner in the world of sarees, sit back, pick up a copper glass of lemonade and relax, as we take you on a worldwide romance of all those summer-y sarees from the regal chiffon saree, easy breezy plain sarees with stylish blouses, dreamy floral sarees, and then the best of the best soft and gauzy cotton saree.

Feeling Good while Looking Great – Cotton Sarees

A cotton saree is an exquisite and perfect addition to a women’s wardrobe. The rich look that a cotton saree gives to your identity can make you a focal point of fascination on any event. Inspired by actress Trisha looking ravishing in cotton sarees in the movie Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, this six yard of elegance remains a quintessential wardrobe essential for every Indian woman inspiring all other women around the globe.

Cotton Sarees

Leisurely summer strolls- Linen Sarees

Linen sarees easily absorb sweat from your body and help your skin breathe , making you feel cool nevertheless they look classy and elegant. Allowing an easy airflow linen sarees is your perfect outfit on those hot and sweaty summer days . 

Linen Sarees

Cool as Cucumber- Chiffon Saree

Any bollywood movie buffs would have noticed how effortlessly elegant the actresses look in their chiffon sarees. Be it for a rain sequence or an emotional scene one could not fathom the charm and softness of these ravishing beauties. The statement yellow chiffon saree of Sri Devi from the movie Bobby or the plain chiffon sarees with thin gold borders or the flower print chiffon sarees that are being adorned by actress Deepika Padukone to Sara Ali khan in recent times. Chiffon saree is a perfect day wear and a Godsend for the Indian summer. 

Chiffon Saree

Sultry Summer Evenings – Silk Sarees

Silk saree has hypoallergenic properties and natural protein structure offering easy breathable space while wearing them. You can wear crepe or satin silk saree for office or work wear , designer silk sarees for evening parties and pure silk saree for weddings with perfectly designed and fit blouses. Nevertheless silk sarees are stunning and very light and easy to carry. 

Silk Sarees

There are perfect sarees out there for each one of us. Scoring the fashion tag are these beautiful bunch of sarees in these fabrics that bring an aura of fresh and youthfulness. These gorgeous picks will keep the heat away and help you stay pretty.

summer sarees