“I can’t wear that. I will look fat” or “I can’t buy that, I am too skinny for that”, have you ever had these thoughts before you picked any clothes? Most people would have, it is because we have been given the wrong pieces of advice from some of the self-proclaimed fashionistas. Today I will share with you the secret of looking beautiful in an Indian Anarkali. Many of us have always wanted to wear anarkalis but had either of this misconception that it would make you look bulky as it flares out or that it would make you look like a pole draped in a cloth. Fret not sisters, for I shall tell you the tips that I learned from some amazing designers. We all have a certain body shape and we need to dress according to the style that accentuates that shape. Hop on board if you are eager to take the Anarkali 101 classes.

apple anarkali
For all the who come under apple body shape or in other words are who are wider on the top half of their body and have wide hips can try out front slit anarkalis. This helps to create a nice slimming effect and accentuates all your curves by flowing. If you can find an Anarkali with a High Neck then you have hit the jackpot. High necks help in creating an illusion of being tall. If you are a little on the shorter side then this could help to give you that perfect look. Say a huge No to layered anarkalis. They might make you look bulked up which will only work against you that in your favor. Accessorise with a nice pair danglers and you are ready to go. Just remember that little is more when it comes to fashion.

The other common body shape that we see is pear or someone who is wider around the hips and thighs. You guide to fame would be in wearing anarkalis with a choice of the bottom as palazzo pants or skirts. Layered anarkalis like anarkali lehengas are your go-to best friends. You must be thinking how you can wear layered anarkalis? Wouldn’t that make you bulk up even more? Well, the secret is that a layered bottom hides the wideness of your lower half and hence emphasize your upper half. Since your upper half is at focus you can go all out on with accessories. A nice choker or necklace that is eye-catching can make you the next diva of fashion.

Strawberry body shape or people who have a wider upper half can go all out and be their own superheroes. The best way to accentuate your body shape would be by going for jacket style anarkalis. This helps to shape up and slim down your upper half at the same time giving an impression of a wider lower half which is best if you are planning giving an illusion of an hourglass figure. Accessorise it with a nice pair of danglers or jhumkas. Make sure you layer your lower half to sizzle in this look.


Banana or rectangle body shape is when your upper half and lower half of the body is almost of the same size. Your album of anarkali should mostly include A-line anarkalis. This helps to create curves that are sure to make you look like the next show-stopper at the Bollywood red-carpet. You can adorn a cold shoulder to add a little dazzle to your look. Heavy jewelry like necklaces is to bring focus to your upper half and so you better start stocking up on them.

The hourglass figure is when you have a wide upper and lower half but a narrow waist. Your winning streak lies in grabbing an empire cut anarkali so that your curves are showcased at its best.Get your full-length anarkali dresses to be ramp ready. A princess cut can do wonders for your body shape. Your best accessories would be a nice belt.
The thing that everyone whatever may their body shape be, need to remember is that you need to get anarkalis stitched to perfection, any dress that is not stitched to your body measurements is not going to help you in any way. These are my secrets do let us know of yours. If you are looking for some trendy and perfect fitting anarkalis do check out our website