It’s time for celebrations, for regaling in the traditions and enjoying flavors of the numerous festivals of our country. Many religions mark the month of April as the beginning of a new year, a time to herald in the new. With a new year comes many festive filled days . One needs no excuse to go shop as these festivals in themselves invite hordes of compulsive shopping needs as tradition. India is engulfed in the spirit of celebration as different states dress up for their new year festivities. Lets take a look at few.

Naba Barsha is the celebration of Bengali New Year !! Naba Barsha in Bengal marks the first day of Baisakh – the first month of Bengali Calendar. Baisakh celebrations are marked with joy, enthusiasm and hope. Songs, dance, games besides reciting of poems are organized in various parts of the West Bengal to mark the occasion. Enthusiastic people of Bengal also celebrate the eve of baisakh as Chaitra-Sankranti and bid farewell to the past year. Look your festive best on baisakh with our collection of baluchari sarees.

A beautiful festival of God’s own land, Vishu is also celebrated on the 14th of April. To celebrate the auspicious festival of Pooram Vishu, people of Kerala wear kasavu sarees and kodi vasthram(new clothes). People sing, dance and make merry. Firecrackers are also burst to mark the New beginning. Another attractive feature of the festival is the grand sadya (feast) prepared by the ladies of the house. Look your traditional best for vishu with our curated collection of kasavu sarees.

The auspicious occasion of Puthandu is also popularly known as Varusha Pirappu or the birth of New Year. To mark the occasion of Tamil New Year people wear new clothes and relish best of festive food. Relish yourself through the festivity with our collection of silk sarees from the house of pothys.

Try not to lose the aesthetic value of festivals when celebrating or dressing up for these occasions. Traditions are like precious heirlooms, they need to be preserved no matter how much we evolve with times. So go out and flaunt yourself but flaunt the rich heritage that we are a part of too. Adorn yourself with silk sarees for tamil new year, baluchari sarees for bengali new year and kasavu sarees for vishu from Cbazaar.