Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.
Let your little ones enjoy the joys of fashion. Our specially curated collection of Kids wear for Eid 2019 is sure to leave your little Misters and Miss very happy.

The concept of age and size is one things that confuses every parent. So always go through the size charts. Our size charts are easy to understand and ensure a perfect fit. The charts provide a detailed description of upper body length, lower body length in our guide so that you never get any measurement wrong. This ensures a perfect fit and a stylish and comfortable outfit. Here are some of the outfits ideas that you can follow for this Ramadan.
The Bandi Sets
These Bandi Sets look stylish, sophisticated and adorable all at the same time. These are perfect for a party that your little Man is going to attend.
Bandi Sets
Let your princess be ramp ready with these dresses. Stylish cute and huge fashion statement-making outfits, these are must-haves in every little girl’s wardrobe for this Eid.

The Dhoti Style
These Dhoti Kurta Set are all you need to look get the cute miniature versions of you. They are trendy and very comfortable and hence a double win.
Gowns and fairytales have a direct connection. They make everyone’s fashion dreams come true so let you little Miss get her dream outfit.

Kurta Pyjamas
One look at your little boy in Kurta Pyjamas and you will be left gaping at. A style setter outfit is all that your son needs.
Dhoti Style
A beautiful Lehenga is every girl’s favorite. Let your daughter look like these beautiful heroines of Bollywood for these can make or break your look.
Pathani Set
A new fashion rage, Pathani Sets are what makes every basic wardrobe shine out so let your child take his first step towards fashion.
Anarkali Suits
Anarkali Suits are all your little fairy needs to make her childhood filled with magic and magical outfits.

Create your son’s photo albums with stylish and trending Sherwani that will create some happy and fond memories. These are the outfits that add a bit of jazz to your festive looks.

Churidar Suits
These basic wardrobe essentials are perfect for celebrating Eid so as they are comfortable and stylish.
Anarkali Suits