Eid is getting closer and so is our eagerness to shop. And an important part of Eid clothes for women is her Hijab. Sisters, I am sure these styling tips are sure to give you great ideas. May your Eid be Happy, your Dresses be Beautiful and your Hijabs be Stunning.

1) Wrap you Hijab around the neck a and let it fall as a side sweep. This only gives a very stylish but also makes your face appear a little slimmer.
2) A volumized layered side sweep is something that is perfect to stand especially in Gowns and Anarkalis.
3) This is an old styling trick but you could try contrasting colors to stand out from the crowd. Explore different colors and color combinations.
4) Show off your ear accessories with a stylish front knot turban Hijab. These are best to accentuate your face and accessories.
5) Add a little extra oomph to your look with an embroidered or embellished net Hijab. These can be also be worn for special occasions like weddings, engagements, and parties.
6) Drape it like a hoodie so that it falls seamlessly giving you an elegant yet stylish look. An extra advantage is that you can shop off your pretty pair of earrings in this style.
7) Who doesn’t like floral? Grab a nice printed floral Hijab to go well with a monotone dress. This print is perfect for achieving a nice summer look.
8) Volumizing at the back gives you a little royal look at the same time help you look slimmer.
9) Pair you Hijab with a stole to look glamorous at chic at all times. This gives a very effortless stunning look.
10) Aside knot along with a side sweep can go a long way. You can carry off this look to colleges and parties.
11) Get the cute and stylish look with sweeping back the two ends of the Hijab. A look that can be sported by anyone.
12) Front layered Hijabs are the new trend so hurry and start adding layers covering your head and chest with layers for an everlasting look.
13) Get the mysterious look by adding crumpled layers with one end in the front and the other in the back.
14) Drape the Hijab and get a side sweep knot to get the laid-back hairstyle look. This look is perfect for casual outings and family get-togethers.
If you know of any new styles please do let us know in the comments.