Get carried away into the land of fashion, fairytales, and gowns. Gowns are the most preferred outfit for cocktails and reception. If you are a Bride to be or a Bridesmaid or a Maid of Honor then take a look at these current gowns styles that are being sashayed at the ramp and by Bollywood celebrities. If you are someone like me who wants to be at the top of the fashion game then go ahead look into the gowns styles that are doing rounds this season.

cold_shoulder gown

Cold Shoulders
The Cold Shoulder Gowns are something that everyone is flaunting especially top Bollywood celebrities. This girly and chic trend can be the game changer if you pair it with a nice flowy flair.

one_shoulder gown

One Shoulder
Unleash the Style Diva in you with a stunning One-shoulder Gown. This Gown demands a dangler and nothing else. A contrast-colored clutch is the only other accessory you need. Say a big No No to neck jewellery.

shoulderless gown

Show off your shoulders for it is not a crime to be sexy. These are being sashayed at top fashion week ramps. My secret styling tip to you would be to adorn a neck cuff to add that edgy look to your outfit. A pair of Gloves for the royal elegant lady.

High-neck gown

High Neck
Be the fashion priestess with stunning High Neck Gowns. Own the title of the ‘untouchable sophisticated beauty’ with these type of Gowns. My favorite accessory for this is a pair of Chandeliers.

Sweetheart-Neck gown

Sweetheart Neckline
Be the sweetheart that everyone falls over for with a striking Sweetheart Gown. My fashion mantra for these would be some studded earrings and rings to pull off a charming card.

Front-Slit Gown

Front slit
Show off your long toned legs with a front slit. Front Slit Gowns are an ageless and timeless attire worn by the biggest stars. Pair them with a High Hell and you are good to go anywhere.

off-shoulder Gown

Off Shoulder – Choker. Princess
Let it slip and you have the Off shoulder trend. An Off Shoulder Gown is perfect if you want to go for a princess look. Beautiful, sexy and dazzling these are perfect for everyone. Accessorize it with a Choker and you are ramp ready.


Illusion neckline – Sneak Peek A stud
Don’t like showing off? Then your best option for a gown is an Illusion Neckline Gown. It gives everyone sneak peek into your adventurous attitude yet keeps you covered and are perfect for Indian celebrations. A stud is your best friend when you pair an Illusion neckline.


Layered Gown
Add layers to your dress to give off the peppy look. These girly Layered Gowns are all you need if you want to pass off as a young girl. Intricate hair braids floral tiaras are just what you need to pull off this look.