The salwar kameez is a popular ethnic style among women in the southern part of Asia. If you are an Indian or a Pakistani woman, it is also an indispensable part of your wardrobe, culture and festive occasions such as EidSalwars are a festive season staple all over the world where people love Indian ethnic fashion. But, did you know that the origins of this form of attire are from Turkish, Iranian people who belong to central Asia, which was then brought down by the Moghul Empire? When the Moghul Empire was established in the Northern part of India and Pakistan, this became a really popular form of attire. There is also a popular belief that this outfit had been in existence even before the Mughal Era and was invented in the Punjab region, earlier known as the Indus Valley area. Stately salwars are one of the most common forms of Eid attire for Muslim women, so much so there are numerous styles of salwars one can choose for Eid, depending upon their taste.

From the time of its existence, the salwar kameez has always been  about comfort and style. Today, there are a million different styles as it has become a part of everyday attire from work wear, casual wear, leisurewear that’s worn at home, luxury wear for special occasions, etc.

The Staple Straight Cut Salwar

This is a closet essential, every woman has one of these in her wardrobe. They suit any body shape and even girls who have thinner frames can flaunt their curves with the right kind. Extremely versatile, this type of a salwar kameez can be worn as leisure wear, casual wear, formal wear, or even party wear. With full sleeves, they can make anyone appear taller. These straight cut salwars make for a simple yet charming Eid styles doused in traditional elegance.

Charming Asymmetrical Anarkali

Anarkali suits have been the talk of the town for so long and are still very much in fashion. In the asymmetric ones, the designs and embellishments are carefully thought about and well-executed. The flares fall on one another making the cut look much like the mermaid kind. A well-crafted Anarkali always makes for a stupendous Eid style that is sure to make a positive impression on everybody.

Empire Cut Anarkali

If you are slightly on the heavier side and are looking for something to flaunt your curves, festive empire cut salwar kameez are simply perfect to help you exude an imposing Eid exquisiteness . They are unique and have a fitted bodice until the bust which then flows freely. They make you look slimmer and create an illusion of a great waist. It was originally used for floor length dresses but nowadays they are stitched in such a way that they can be incorporated in many dresses. There are so many kinds of embroidery patterns that come in these kinds of suits which will complement yet highlight your waist.

Fabulous A- Line Suits

A popular salwar among youngsters, the kurti can be short or long and has a flare from the waist forming an A shape and can work wonders for your Eid look. They are available in multiple hues, embellishments, fabrics, and patterns. Perfect for Eid, these silhouettes will change the way you dress for the better, forever.

Alluring Sharara Set

If you are looking to experiment with something fresh and new this Eid, this is perfect. Although looking fairly simple this outfit packs a lot of style. It works extremely well on tall women who also have broad shoulders. If you want to create a balanced look, go for this style. For a slimming effect, you can pick one color or darker shades.

Along with the right salwar kameez style, you can match them with precise jewelry, a purse, and shoes, thereby achieving an Eid style that echoes with everybody and speaks volumes about your superior sense of fashion and style prowess. Cbazaar offers a range of salwar suits in festive accents for your Eid celebrations. Make full use of our Eid promise. Order today to get it delivered before Eid or It’s on us.