-Arya Vasanth Nair Do you love wearing Sarees as much as I do? Well, then I am sure you would have scorched the internet for ways to jazz up your Saree look. I will make it easier for you because even I had searched the internet on how to style my Sari. I will give you 15 Saree drapes you can try out this season for sarees are in this season and you need to be on your best fashion game to rock the look.  

If you don’t want to bring a huge change on your look then try out these seven easy and elegant drapes

Drape you Saree how you would drape it normally with our pleating the pallu. Bring the pallu from your shoulder to the other arm with like how Prachi Desai has done. It looks elegant and looks a little different from your normal one.

Prachi Desai Red Embroidered Saree

To get this look you need to make medium sized pleats and then add a belt. An easy to carry off trend as add that dazzle that you were looking for.

Pink Embroidered Saree

People don’t realize that the length of pallu matters too. If you are going to be greeting people or working then go for a look like this one. No pleats with the the border of the saree ending at a few inches above the wrist. Seems like a very simple trick but trust me it works wonder, try it out placing the border at different length and you will know what I am talking about.

Dark Green Printed Sarees

Are you someone who owns a simple Border Saree with a trendy and intricately embroidered Blouse? If so then this drape is amazing for you. Cover only half of your chest with pallu so that the beautiful embroidery can be seen. This drape is very charming and one of my most go to drapes when I wear a Saree.

Green Embroidered Saree

A simple and most commonly seen drape is this one. No pleats and holding the pallu low in your opposite hand is really good if you want that classy distinguished look.

Pink Embroidered Saree

Now, this is the drape I go for when I want that posh kind of look. Making your pallu trial the floor adds that ritziness to your look. I am sure you will have a trial of fans and admirers in no time with this drape.

Green Art Benarasi Saree

Be a mermaid! What I meant is to try draping your Saree in a fish cut or mermaid style. It is a nice and fun style to try out and will get people turning their heads towards you.

Pink Embroidered Saree

Now for my dear daredevil girls, these drapes are something that you will love. Simply spice up your wardrobe with them

Try the really small pleats so that you look like Priyanka Chopra in the Desi girl. It is bold yet something that a lot of you will easily be able to pull off.

green-embroidered saree

Then we have the back to front drape. Create a inverted C shape and bring the pallu to the front. This style is perfect if you have a heavy embroidered Blouse or just simply like trying something new.


This is super chic and elegant. All you have to do pleat the pallu and then keep one side of the pallu really low and then place in your shoulder. Super easy isn’t it?


Want to add a twist to your traditional Saree look? Drape you saree and then instead of placing it on your shoulder take it from your arms to the other side. Drape it over your head and bring it to the other side. Love it don’t you. I knew you would.

Wine Embroidered Saree

This is something about going over the top and hence Saree drape is amazing to try out. Drape your Saree without draping over the blouse. Get drape it over the curve of your chest like shown in the image to make people go gaga over you.


This is one is a doable trendy one that you should definitely try out. Drape you Sari pallu super thing and then bring it over from your back to front and wrap it around your wrist. Give this drape a chance before you discard it


This is Bollywood Diva kind of look so do try it out. Drape you Sarees and instead of draping it over your shoulder just wrap it around your wrist. I know it is a little too sexy for some of you but hey I am sure some of you would love to try it out. Do let me know how it worked out for you.


This is a very unconventional drape that belongs in the fashion ramps. To get this look you need to ramp the pallu around your body like a wrap dress. Just bring the pallu from your waist to the other side instead of your shoulder and spread it out so that it covers the whole front of your Saree.


Which of these Sarees drapes have your tried out?