– Arya Vasanth Nair
Indian Goddess

    Navratri is a festival of nine nights that is celebrated throughout India but it is majorly enjoyed by the people of West Bengal. A festival celebrated for nine days with music, dance, food, and vibrant ethnic wears. The story behind the festival is fascinating as the events. Durga, an Indian Goddess known for being the righteous one with an astounding battle skills battles and defeats a demon named Mahishasura. This is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. These nine days are celebrated in the honor of the Goddess and her nine avatars, each day symbolizing each incarnation.

Dance The Night Away

    Dance The Night Away!
    People believe in coming together as a community and dancing the nine nights of Navratri in merriment. This dance style is popularly known as Dandiya, Garba, and Raas. So grab our favorite pair of Dandiyas and start practicing the steps for it sure going to take your time to keep up with the traditional dancer’s energy and steps. Wondering why it is called Garba? Well, it is because it comes from a Gujarati word Garbo meaning womb in Sanskrit. The ultimate celebration of femininity and cycle of life. People celebrate Navratri nights by dancing around in a circle with some upbeat music. A lamp and an idol of the Goddess are placed in the center. Women mostly wear Chaniya Cholis or Lehenga Cholis while Men wear Kedi Sets or Dhoti Style Kurta Pyjamas.

Golu Time

    Golu Time
    Golu is the festive display of dolls and figurines in South India during Navratri and is particularly popular in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. These dolls are made by artisans from clay and other local materials. Their distinctive feature is that they are brightly painted. These displays are arranged in tiers or padi system so as to tell or narrate stories of the Goddess.

9 Colors For 9 Days

    9 Colors For 9 Days
    The significance of nine days is portrayed by the nine colors of Navratri. Here are the nine colors you need to sashay this festive season. Note the days and the colors for they signify each incarnation of the Goddess’s avatars.

  • Day 1 – Royal Blue
  • Day 2 – Yellow
  • Day 3 – Green
  • Day 4 – Grey
  • Day 5 – Orange
  • Day 6 – White
  • Day 7 – Red
  • Day 8 – Sky Blue
  • Day 9 – Pink
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