The reality of this new pandemic took the world by surprise. People worldwide are still trying to adapt to the idea of prolonged indoor stays. So, now that we are all trying to avoid going out to shop in brick and mortar stores, how has this changed our approach in purchasing what we like?  Without directly seeing the products in person?!

Let’s say that the Internet has had a radical impact on the way we shop, taking us beyond the traditional store and into a world where we choose what we buy by scrolling through images of the products on offer. And that is how cbazaar has been successfully working all these years. Now, bringing in a new form of shopping, traditional retail could bounce back through the medium of virtual reality,

If in-store shopping lets you see and experience products first-hand, and online shopping opens up an avenue of ease and comfort, then virtual shopping combines the best of both worlds in an amalgamation perfect for the current world we live in.

It’s an enhancement that lets you experience shopping without the hustle and bustle of crowded malls and shops. It offers close-up inspections and bird’s eye views we wouldn’t have in-store. And like augmented reality, it gives us a firsthand experience of the products we want to buy with immersive views and life-size displays to match.

What is Virtual Shopping with Cbazaar

  •  Customers can select any products they like 
  •  Book a live session with cbazaar 
  • Customers have the privilege to select their time and day for the zoom call shopping session  
  • Customers will be provided a link to join , customers can even share the link with friends and families to join in for the zoom shopping session and share their thoughts and ideas virtually choosing their favourite dress. 
  • The selected attire will be virtually displayed by the vendor, through zoom video call and more suggestions relating to the chosen products can also be shown. Just like you shop in person when you physically visit a showroom, whereas this will be in virtual set up in your leisure time and comfort.
  • You can make your choice, make your payments through various online payment modes and get your products delivered to your doorstep . Your safety from the mounting infections, security and comfort is the key to this idea of virtual shopping.
  • No more Out-of-stock freak outs, as you choose what you want and we will show you that.
  • Spending your precious time, no waiting in lines and no driving (so no traffic jams). It will only take a simple browsing and few minutes of virtual shopping, whilst wearing your favorite pajamas. Maybe this crowd avoidance is the most obvious benefit to get you hooked on online virtual shopping.