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Indian jewelry is as diverse as the geography of the sub continent. While Jaipur specializes on precious stones, North India uses silver as the base for their jewelry. South and East India take pride in gold jewelry. Jewelry is not only to enhance the looks of a woman but also to retain good luck for her. In the recent times platinum and diamond have been given extra importance in Indian jewelry . Indian fashion jewelry like glass and rubber bangles, enameled and black metal jewelry, wood and bone jewelry have gained importance in the recent times.

With the increasing number of Indian jewelry shops opening up everyday a healthy competition have developed to the customers delight. New models keep arriving and people especially women are just excited. Nose pins, Ear rings, Bangles, finger rings, Neck chains, necklace, chokers and anklets are the prevailing Indian jewelry. Even a rich home maker could afford to carry only these in her routine life. More than that would make her tired and there is no one in this fast world to sing poems on her. Of these jewelry excepting nose pins, necklace, chokers and anklets, the others are standard jewelry.

Imitation of these in cheaper base gets allotted in the Indian fashion jewelry . Indian fashion jewelry uses glass beads, copper beads and semi-precious stones in making pendants, bracelets and finger rings. As accessories have become a part of the attire, fashion houses have begun to design this Indian jewelry as well. These jewels are ordered on the base of ones horoscope at times.

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