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Bollywood fashion has always influenced the fashion choices of millions of Indian women all over the world. Whether it is the reel costumes or the real life attires and jewellery worn by Bollywood leading ladies, Bollywood fashion hugely affects the trends followed by women from all walks of life. No Indian attire is ever complete without matching Indian jewellery. Every movie outfit, Indian or western, is complimented with matching exquisite jewellery. Recent movies like Jodha Akbar made ethnic Indian jewellery, a fashion rage.

The jewellery worn by Bollywood celebrities in reel life as well as in real life events are closely followed and copied by all and sundry. Like Bollywood clothing, Bollywood jewellery too is known for its opulence and grandeur. Many big Indian jewellery houses can boast of loyalties of Bollywood celebrities who also act as their respective brand ambassadors. While young Bollywood beauties like Kareena and Katrina's western elegance compliment beautiful Bollywood crystal jewellery in movies, evergreen divas like Rekha are synonymous with Indian bejeweled look complete with big ethnic earrings and Bollywood bangles .

Online clothing and jewellery sites give easy and convenient access for women all over the world to shop their most loved and admired Bollywood fashion jewellery. These sites showcase a wide collection fashion jewellery including Bollywood stone imitation jewelry . With online shopping, women can now shop for Bollywood chandelier earrings or buy big size Bollywood bangles to have the gorgeous bejeweled look like any Bollywood celebrity without burning their purse.

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