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Bridal phase is very important part of a womans life. In this stage she puts her full effort to successfully begin a new journey. Indian bridal fashions are mostly dressy to make the young bride feel special. Bridal dress usually has bright and attractive colours. Opulent families go for designer wear as their bridal dress . Heavy jewelry accompanies the bridal dress which forms an integral part of the Indian bridal fashions . Auspicious colours like red, yellow and orange are mostly preferred in bridal clothes.

Indian bridal fashions include sarees, salwar kameez or ghagra cholis. Sarees are draped in different traditional patterns throughout the country during wedding day. Most of them love to include golden threads in the bridal dress . The sequin, embroidery and stone works in Indian bridal fashions are usually lavish and elaborate. While north Indians resort to Benaras for wedding silk sarees, South Indians especially Tamil families visit Kanchipuram or Tirubuvanam for silk sarees. Brides never dare to make any compromises on the quality of wedding sarees.

Indian bridal fashions include appropriate accessories which are as elaborate as the costumes. They are usually glittering and flashy thus pointing out the special woman of the occasion. Opulence and wealth are the key words of the bridal dress in India. In the recent times, brides choose soothing pastel shades in their bridal wear. Platinum has also begun to make its presence felt in the bridal jewelry. Earrings are elaborate and opulence is not spared even in the anklets. The neck wear and bangles are highlighted in enormous varieties.

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