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Embroidery silks are a most important and relished wing of the embroidered Indian clothing. Silk is a very fragile material and should be carefully handled when embroidery is proposed on it. South Indian silk sarees have been experiencing north Indian embroidery works only in the recent decade and this trend has been gaining more acclamation through the day. Beads and stones are more used in the silk embroidered Indian clothing . Embroidery silks are in all sorts of colour types such as pastel shades, dark shades, bright colours and earth tones.

Embroidery exudes opulence and grandeur on the silk fabric which spells grace. Hand embroidery is strictly advocated in the embroidery silks rather than machine embroidery which are avoided. Embroidery which is usually known as painting in needle is done with full concentration of a highly experienced craftsperson on the embroidered Indian clothing . The patterns of designs are decided by the designers based on the colour and silk fabric. Embroidery silks may have floral, paisley or geometric patterns. Embroidered Indian clothing may also be self woven with religious themes.

Embroidery silks which are self woven may use extra strands of silk in each weave so that the product gets an embossed effect. Ornate embroidery silks are one of the most important souvenirs that visitors to India take back home. Online sites give a wider coverage on these awesome embroidered silk sarees of which Cbazaar takes the lead in quality, customer service and variety. Shopping formalities are also smooth and reliable here.

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