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Indian clothes wear is unique. It reflects the way in which Indians celebrate life. Indian clothes are neither modern nor tribal. They are trendy yet conservative. Indian cloth wear in the recent past have been a fusion with the west in some areas like salwars and Kurtis. Few decades ago, most of the women were confined to their residences and wore lehengas, sarees and salwars. Today, when most of the women are outside their residences with only senior women staying at home, the traditional clothes have never lost their demand.

Sarees take an important position in Indian clothes wear enough to have kids saree section. Though shirts have become popular and formal mens wear, the computer and gadget savvy modern Indian man wishes to unwind with kurta pajama at home. Indian clothes incorporate all shades of colours and combination of fabrics in them. Embroidery and aesthetic thread works are given importance in Indian clothes. During parties and bridal functions the attire is opulent though. Clothes are a part of Indian celebrations as much as sweets and other activities.

Many fashion houses have budded all over the country with designers working on the concept of Indian clothes wear . Indian clothes have begun to fascinate other ethnicities including the whites. Most of the clothes in India are based on cotton owing to the hot climate in the Indian terrain. These clothes and the trends in them could also be checked through online sites where you save time and energy. Traditional Indian clothes are captivating and suit the future no matter what.

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