Eid Global Celebrations

Eid celebrations across the world

Festivals are something that helps bring people together strengthening bonds between families, friends and acquaintances. All festivals are closely associated with the practises and traditions of the regions where they originate from and are commonly celebrated in. This is especially true for the grand festival of Eid. As muslims all over the world celebrate Eid in different ways, we give you an insight into how this grand festival is celebrated in some parts of the world.


In India the third largest muslim population in the world, Eid is locally referred to as ‘Chaand Raat’, Indian women decorate their hands and feet with ‘mehendi’, which are decorative designs done with a dye. Popular Eid delicacies include the sweet Semiyan Payasam and a variety of Kebabs, Haleem and Nihari among others. Relatives mostly gift each other sweets and money.


In this east African country, Eid typically comprises of lavish feasts where locals prepare traditional delicacies such as the dessert - ‘Halvo’ made from sugar, oil, cornstarch and spices.


The festival is known as ‘Lebaran’ in Indonesia, the largest muslim population in the world sees people celebrating it by preparing a range of special desserts such as a cake with thousand layers, which is a combination of a dutch pastry and local spices and is called as ‘Kue Lapis’.


Kids in turkey celebrate Eid much like Halloween where they visit neighbours, friends and family receiving gifts such as Baklava and the famed ‘Turkish Delight’ among others. Turkish people refer to Eid as ‘Seker Bayrami’.


In Burma, a local variety of biryani, made with nuts and mutton or lamb meat is made along with a host of semolina based desserts which the Burmese people just absolutely love.


Eggs are a very important part of celebrating Eid in Afghanistan where a popular custom known as Tokhm-Jangi involves people throwing hard-boiled eggs at each other in organized egg-fights.


Dates are as important to Eid celebrations in Iraq as eggs are to celebrations in Afghanistan. Cookie-like sweets called Klaicha that are stuffed with nuts and dates and scented with rose are a rage in Iraq.


Egyptians really take their Eid celebrations very seriously and their Eid celebrations also last for longer than in most other countries. Celebrated for four days in a row, fish is a very important part of Eid cuisine. Dishes such as Kahk which is a variety of jammed biscuit and Fata, a sumptuous combination of rice, meat, onions and other veggies are a major part of the Eid festivities of Egypt.

South Asia

In countries like Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore, various delicacies such as an assortment of dumpling with different fillings (called Ketupat), Lemang - flavoured rice cooked in bamboo shoots, dodol (a type of sweet) and a variety of meat curries are a big part of the menu.

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