Shipping policy

Shipping policy

Shipping Charges are based on shipping destination and quantity of units purchased. Further discounts are applicable on the purchase of a larger amount.

All products are shipped via reputed international courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and other such renowned companies that are completely insured and reliable. Our Shipping Rates are subsidized and are much lower than what the shipping companies usually charge for international shipments. We always strive to offer our shoppers the lowest shipping charges possible. Please note that shipping companies determine shipping charges based on the package weight.

If you have shopped multiple products in a single transaction, we will send them to you in one single shipment. (In case of a single shipment, the delivery date would be on the date when all the products are ready to ship). However, if you want us to ship the earlier available products first, please contact our customer care.
At the time of delivery, if you are not available to receive the parcel, the courier company would leave a note for you to call them and arrange for redelivery or you can pick it up from their location.

We are not responsible for any delay caused by any unforeseen time lags on the part of the courier companies in delivering the parcels to the customer, or if the customer is not available at the time of delivery.

Please note that if there are any customs or duties applicable for the ordered items, it would be billed separately to the customer by the courier company at the time of delivery. The duties and taxes are not a part of the customer’s payment made to us. This doesn’t apply for shipments to the USA, UK, Europe and Canada where prices are inclusive of taxes and customs duty


FAQ on Shipping Policy

Q – In case of a single shipment, on what date will multiple products be delivered?

A – Different products have different delivery dates. If you have chosen multiple products to be sent in one single shipment, the delivery date would be done on the later available product. For example, if one item has the 20th of a month as the delivery date and another item has the 25th of that same month as the delivery date. Then for that the delivery date for that one shipment would be the 25th.

Q – I have chosen multiple products. Is it possible to have the items of earlier available dates shipped first?

A – Absolutely. Cbazaar cherishes your time spent with us and truly understands its value. If you have chosen multiple products and want items of earlier available dates to be shipped earlier, please contact our customer care.


Find out your Shipping Charges:


Country Free Shipping above
United States   200
United Kingdom   167
Canada   281
Australia   301
New Zealand   331
Singapore   311
South Africa   3401
United Arab Emirates   801

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