Design & Size clarifications

Design & Size clarifications

Do you stitch products to sizes? 

Yes, we stitch products to different sizes. Please choose an product from our collections and you could choose to get it customized from us.
How do I submit measurements, If I choose stitching? 

You would receive a measurement form by email, as soon as you place an order. Please submit your measurements using the same link.
I want to change my measurements that I originally submitted, Can I change them now? 

Changes can be made depending on where the product is. Once the product reaches the manufacturing units, it would not be possible to change the measurements.
I want a long sleeved blouse, Can you do that for me? 

Yes, we can have long sleeves done. However, depending on the size and the fabric, there may be additional charges for the same. The customer care team would get in touch with you on the same.
I did not choose customization while placing an order, Can I add it now? 

Customization can be added to a product, as long as it is not dispatched from our end. Based on the product location, our Customer care would confirm, on the possibilities of adding customization. Customization charges would be applicable, as per the charges in our website.
I do not know how to take measurements. Can you stitch a standard size? 

Yes, we can stitch products to standard sizes. Please give us your standard garment size and we can have the product stitched accordingly.
What is a ready made stitched saree? 

A saree that’s pre stitched with pleats and pallu, based on your height and waist is called a ready made stitched saree. You do not have to undergo the hassle of making the pleats every time, you want to drape a saree. All you have to do is wrap it around like a skirt!
Can I submit sizes through email or phone? 

We would always recommend you to use the link to submit your sizes, as they are saved in our system. You do not have to undergo the hassle of remembering your sizes, the next time you place an order.
Can you alter the Kameez length, based on my height? 

Generally, it would be possible to alter Kameez Length. However, sometimes due to product restrictions, it may not be possible. In such cases, our customer care would get in touch with you on the same.
Would you be adding allowances to my dress, in addition to the sizes that I submit? 

We generally do not add any allowances to your dress, unless specified by you in the measurement form.
Where do I add extra instructions, while submitting the measurements? 

Please add all extra instructions, in the special instructions column of the measurement form. Please avoid using special characters like @, *,” etc in the special instructions column
When should I submit measurements, once I have placed an order? 

We recommend that you submit your measurements within 24 hours of placing your order. Your order may get delayed, if the measurements do not reach us within 24 hours.
Where do I choose the size for a product? 

If its a ready made product, you would find the drop down of sizes, in the product details page. For all other customizable products, you could choose to receive them as unstitched or choose stitching options in the same page.
What happens if I delay in sending my sizes? 

For all customized products, receiving measurements on time is very important. Therefore, if the sizes are delayed, the order processing might take a longer time and the dispatch of the products would be delayed, beyond the dispatch date, specified in the invoice.

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