The pre-wedding ceremonies which happen in India are extremely vibrant and beautiful. The families come close with a lot of well-wishers present making the bride and groom the star of the evening, leading them into a perfect wedded life.

One of the many pre-wedding traditions is the Mehendi ceremony. The whole ceremony symbolizes the Inner and Outer sun and is full of elegance. It is also believed to be one of the 16 adornments of the bride without which she would feel incomplete. First, a turmeric paste is applied on the bride’s face, hands, and feet and then a mehendi expert comes and applies mehendi on the bride. Traditionally the plant leaves are dried and grounded to paste and applied on the bride with a simple, round and flat design. But, today it has evolved as an art form  and a lot of Arabic, Tattoo, Crystal, and Rajasthani Mehendi patterns are available.

Usually, the  mehendi ceremony is a close family affair which usually happens at home with a few friends and close family members.

If you are looking for something simple yet makes you look and feel great, then this anarkali will be a great choice. With floral accents and an embroidered pattern at the back, it is very modern.

If you want a traditional lehenga without having to spend too much because of the simplicity of the function, then this will fit the bill. The whole design is wonderful and the blouse is versatile.

If you want to have party vibes, you know this is the one. It has the right amount of flares with a great color combination.

There’s a belief that, the darker the shade of the mehendi, the more the husband would love her.

After the mehendi ceremony, the fun part of the wedding begins which is the sangeet. Sangeet means Sung Together according to the translation from Sanskrit. The ceremony usually takes place a day or two before the wedding and is originally a Punjabi ceremony. During the olden days, this ceremony was restricted to women and brides only. But now, the bride’s and groom’s family celebrate this together in a festive mood. There is a lot of singing and dancing which are perfect elements of a fun wedding. It is also a perfect place for the guests to get to know about each other.

Since the sangeet ceremony has become an entertaining factor, it is been celebrated across India. There are also themes which happen on a sangeet night. Although ghazals and Qawali are popular, Bollywood themes and other retro ones make the cut.

Subtle pastel shaded lehengas are great for sangeet nights . With some floral prints and slight bling, this outfit will make you look really attractive..