At Cbazaar, we have always known that solace and style are important to you, and that is the reason we love opening our door close by your place so that you can shop your heart out. Our EthnoVogue Store is the place you can purchase Cbazaar’s Bollywood Vogue and EthnoVogue outfits with the help of an expert Consultant who will guide you pick your outfit at its best. The store will exhibit a range of our specially curated products from our Bollywood Vogue and EthnoVogue.


Our consultant will provide assistance in:

  • Choosing the perfect designs for your occasion from our wide range of designs.
  • Feel our fabrics and explore the colors available in our Bollywood Vogue and EthnoVogue line.
  • Finding your perfect size by trying out fit samples.
  • Bespoke Services, where you can get your outfit designed and custom-made to your preferences.

about guide

    Our EthnoVogue Store is perfect for any person who is looking for a custom made designer outfit. Wedding, Party, Festive and Prom dresses can be sewed to flawlessness through our store.


    To get your fantasy dress made to perfection we require you to give us 2 weeks to process from the date of confirmation for ‘Good things come to people who wait’.


Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Here is what you have to do.

  • Step 1: Choose the Store you’d like to visit
  • Step 2: Contact our Consultant to set your appointment day and pick your time of convenience.

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