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Cincinnati is located in the Hamilton County of Ohio State, United States. It is located in the north of Ohio in the Ohio Kentucky border. The city is spread over a number of hills. Cincinnati enjoys a humid subtropical climate. The city has numerous structures known for their architectural characteristics.

Companies like Procter and Gamble, Kroger, Great American Insurance Company and many other prominent industries support the economy of this city. Baseball, Tennis, hockey are played with passion by the citizens of Cincinnati.

One aspect that the Indian indulges in any part of the globe is clothing. With a myriad of textures used according to the climatic conditions, India has a heritage of weaving skills that have understood colours and designs through experience. Besides that, many patterns are experimented so the variety becomes infinite. Indians living at Cincinnati buy sarees, salwars, dhotis, kurtis at shops like Shah's boutique, Saleem the dream and Ali's boutique. One could also get hand bags, purses, slippers and other cosmetics in these places. They are mostly attached with a tailoring unit.

Want to indulge in Indian delicacies? You can have your heart's fill at restaurants like Ambar India Restaurant, Baba India Restaurant, Akash India Restaurant, Amol Indian Restaurant, Cumin Indian Restaurant, Apna Indian Restaurant and Amma's kitchen. Even if you are a woman who has set up your home in this city, you can prove your culinary prowess in Indian cuisine by buying grocery at Delhi foods, India Grocers, Niva Grocers and Shrijee Indian Grocery.

All hindu angels are found in the Hindu temple at Cincinnati. Cincinnati also houses a Gurudwara. Vinayaka Chaturti, diwali, navratri and other Indian festivals are celebrated with authentic traditions. Indians gather together and party at the drop of the hat and unleash themselves with excitement. Totally speaking, Indians feel very much at home in Cincinnati.