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Jackson Heights is one of the most popular shopping areas for South Asians in the New York. It is a hub of a wide range of saree boutiques, travel agents, salwar kameez stores, Indian beauty parlors, jewelry stores, Indian restaurants. One can see lot of bollywood music shops which showcase the latest movie releases. Jackson Heights is a great neighborhood for stocking up on Bollywood films and music.

The place is dominated by Asians. There is also a street in Jackson Heights which is named as â??Kalpana Chawla in the memory of the late Indian-American astronaut. The surrounding area is home to several Indian restaurants Like Delhi heights, Kababish, Dimple Indian food, Tangra Chinese, Indian Taj, Ashoka restaurants. They are some of the most popular restaurants for dining out. You can even get your favorite sugarcane juice, pan walas and faluda kulfi ice cream here.

Jackson height is full of mithaiwala or sweet shops. In window of these sweet shops many unique kind of fresh made sweets are displayed for the sale. One can find hundreds of fresh sweets like pistachio greens rectangle burfi, ladoo, coconut white burfi, hot jalebis, gulab jamuns and rabri. Rajbhog, Sunshine restaurant and sweets, Al Namit restaurants and sweets, Maharaja Sweets and snacks are very famous during festive season like Eid, Diwali and other popular Hindu festivals.

Traveling to Jackson Heights is almost like taking a mini vacation to India. Itâ??s a hub of Indian food, Indian clothing, jewelry, and much more.

There are varieties of Jewelry stores and Indian clothing stores which carries tremendous variety of merchandise. You can find there almost everything Indian that you can think of. Designer sarees, wedding sarees, salwar suits, get off at the 74th station stop and walk in amazement on a block full of sarees and fabrics and everything Indian. All the fabric stores have huge sales at the time of festivals like Diwali, Navrati etc.