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Detroit is a port city on the banks of Detroit River and is the largest city of Michigan. The city is known for its automobile industries. This city has the only international wildlife preserve in North America. The city enjoys a humid continental climate with moderate snowfalls during winters.

Detroit enjoys sports like Baseball, Basketball, Sail boat racing and Wrestling. Automobile companies including General Motors, Ford and Chrysler contribute to the economy of Detroit. Detroit has a blend of mixed ethnicities. As in the rest of US Indians live in harmony with other people and believe in coexisting. Indians live every moment of life as a gift from the almighty and indulge in clothes and good food for the hard work that they do. As for clothes, Indians buy textiles at Tawheed 101 Apparel. One gets exotic sarees, salwars and kurtis in this shop apart from the excellent collection of sherwanis and other Indian clothes. The shop also has an attached tailoring unit.

They also have good collection of handbags, clutches, slippers, cosmetics and other accessories. The shop is alert about the latest fashion happenings in India and Bollywood and promptly updates their fast moving goods with the latest fabrics.

Detroit has a lot of Indian restaurants including American Masala, Maharaja Restaurant and Salaam Carryouts. Indians buy groceries at shops like A K Groceries, Bangla Town, Meghna Grocery and Sonali Grocery. Indian food is generally irresistible and is gaining popularity among other ethnicities in the recent past.

Hindus at Detroit are served by Hare Krishna Temple and ISKCON for religious purposes. Life is as interesting in Detroit as any other city in the United States for an Indian who finds joy at work and home. The disciplined life of Indian is a gift from his ancestors which helps him deal life with a positive approach.

Indian saree shop in Detroit, Michigan, United States