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Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana State in the United States and also the 14th largest State in the country. The city lies on a mix of deciduous forests and Prairie grasslands. Indianapolis enjoys a humid continental climate.

Health care and retail trade contribute to the economy of Indianapolis. Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Tennis and Grand Prix are enjoyed by the citizens of Indianapolis. Indians are one of the mixed ethnicities found at Indianapolis. Basically hard working people, Indians do not spare a reason to enjoy and celebrate life when not at office.

Apart from big festivals like Diwali, Navratri and Vinayaka Chaturti, Indians celebrate every day and keep themselves happy throughout life. The basics of mankind which are food, clothing and shelter are sources for indulgence and pampering in the modern world. Indians live an artistic lifestyle in an aesthetic interiors eat healthy and delicious food and wear splendid clothing that changes the mood of the atmosphere. Indian tradition being a very old one with a lot of invasions has included many fabrics and patterns in its clothing scene. With this an Indian woman flaunts her beauty and charm. At Indianapolis one could buy splendid Indian clothes at Sai's Boutique and Gifts.

This shop has a wide range of Indian textiles that are popular among both Indians and the westners. The shop is alert about the trends in India and has appropriate clothing brought immediately into their premesis which is one reason why the goods in this shop move fast.

There are around ten Indian Restaurants in Indianapolis including Ameer, Heera Authentic Indian Cuisine, Shahi Dawat and Shalimar Indian restaurant. Indian families in Indianapolis buy grocery for their home cooked meal at India Imports, International Food Bazaar and Spice Land. There is no particular Hindu worship center here. Indians form community associations where they get together at regular intervals to discuss important happenings.